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Vallisneria spiralis - Zákruticha šroubovitá TOP 28 v kategorii akvarijní rostliny . Produkty vybíráme automaticky podle recenzí uživatelů, zájmu o produkt a prodejů Prodává se také pod názvem V.americana natans. Listy vyrůstají v přízemní růžici, jsou páskovitě protažené, 30-50cm dlouhé a jen asi 0,5 cm široké. Jsou zelené a na rozdíl od jiných Valisnerií rovné. Název spiralis je odvozen od květenství, které vyrůstá na hladiny na spirálovitě stočeném stonku

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Vallisneria spiralis, also known as straight vallisneria, tape grass, or eel grass is a common aquarium plant that prefers good light and a nutrient rich substrate. In the wild, it can be found in tropical and sub-tropical regions worldwide Vallisneria spiralis is a substrate-rooted aquatic plant (non-floating) with fibrous root structure and is known also as straight Vallisneria, tape grass, eelgrass, or most commonly as eelweed. It is a very commonly-used aquarium plant and is actually one of the first plants used in aquaria back in the late 19th century Vallisneria Spiralis Information. Found in both tropical and sub-tropical freshwater systems around the world, Vallisneria Spiralis has narrow linear leaves that range in color from the palest of greens to reddish. It can grow to an impressive three feet in height, almost an inch in leaf breadth and has flowers that it carries on long spiral stalks

Vallisneria Spiralis Common Name: Straight Vals Straight Vals are unique types of vals characterized by the straight vertical leaves. They act as the perfect background plants, growing tall and fast to create a jungle like appearance. Vals are grass like plants that spread along side shoots and can grow to the height of your aquarium Vallisneria spiralis: This species is also known as Straight Vallisneria. It has bright green leaves usually with five longitudinal veins, ribbon-shaped, 5 - 12 mm (up to 0.5 inches) wide, 40 - 50 cm (16 - 20 inches) long, but it can grow even higher its natural habitat Vallisneria spiralis 'Tiger' is in Tropica's easy category and therefore does not require high lighting levels or CO2 to thrive. It does best in harder water rich in carbonates that the plant uses as a source of carbon. It is a 100% aquatic plant meaning it will not grow emersed like most other aquarium plants and is propagated under water VALLISNERIA SPIRALIS: Molto simile alla Gigantea per valori e manutenzione, cambia solo la morfologia della foglia che presenta un altezza più ridotta e uno spessore più stretto,circa 2cm. E' caratterizzata da un colore verde più chiaro De Vallisneria spiralis is de bekendste van deze groep aquariumplanten. Het is een echte achtergrondplant omdat de bladeren met gemak 60 cm worden. Daarnaast groeien er nieuwe dochterplanten vanuit de zijkant uit. Deze dochterplanten zullen in afzienbare tijd uitgroeien tot grotere volwassen versies

De Vallisneria spiralis is een uitstekende plant voor beginners en aquariums met weinig licht. De plant vormt aan de voet van de plant uitlopers en laat zich op die manier makkelijk stekken Vallisneria spiralis is native to much of Africa north and south of the Sahara, to Europe, through the Caucasus and the Middle East to Kazakhstan, the Indian Sub-continent, Myanmar and Thailand. In Europe it is apparently native to central and eastern Europe and parts of the Mediterranean A medium-sized variety, Vallisneria spiralis is also very popular, typically having leaves 30 to 60 cm in length. The largest varieties are often called Vallisneria gigantea regardless of their actual taxonomic designation; in fact most of the plants sold as Vallisneria gigantea are actually Vallisneria americana Vallisneria spiralis 'Torta' Velmi dekorativní odrůda druhu Vallisneria spiralis se vyznačuje zkrouceným růstem listů. V obchodech je k dostání také pod názvem zákruticha šroubovitá. Listy jsou v tomto případě o něco kratší n L'album Vallisneria spiralis L. contiene immagini. Immagini dell'entità Vallisneria spiralis L. presenti. DAL FORUM. Vallisneria spiralis L. LINK AD ALTRI REPERTORI ESTERNI Altri links disponibili solo agli iscritti. FORMA BIOLOGICA. I rad - Idrofite radicanti. Piante acquatiche radicate sul fondo, quindi con organi perennanti sommers

Other articles where Vallisneria spiralis is discussed: Hydrocharitaceae: Vallisneria spiralis and V. americana are two eelgrasses commonly used as aquarium plants. Turtle grass (Thalassia species) is often washed ashore in such quantities following storms at sea that it is collected and used as a fertilizer. Hydrilla verticillata, the sole member of its genus Vallisneria spiralis 'Tiger' is in Tropica's easy category and therefore does not require high lighting levels or CO2 to thrive. It does best in harder water.. Vallisneria produce both male and female plants. The female plants produce flowers that float on the water surface, and the male plants produce hundreds of flowers under water that, when released, float to the surface. These are carried by wind and waves to the floating female flowers, which they pollinate Vallisneria spiralis 'Tiger'© Tropica.com T ratto dal sito di Walter Peris, dedicato alla coltivazione delle piante d'acquario: Una bellissima pianta, anche se, spesso, sottovalutata e maltrattata. La si ritiene, erroneamente, una pianta sciafila, mentre richiede molta luce e acqua da media a dura Vallisneria Spiralis is a ubiquitous plant of the aquarium hobby. Also known as Straight Vallisneria, Tape Grass, or Eel grass, the species has been used by aquarium enthusiasts since the mid-19th century. Its origin is Asia, and in nature its distribution runs across that continent, as well as Africa and southern Europe, where it grows in both.

Vallisneria spiralis [sadzonka] Rośliny akwariowe z hodowli wodnej. Więcej szczegółów . 24h. 25 szt. na magazynie. Stan: Nowe . 4,99 zł / szt. Nie ma punktów za ten produkt. Ilość: Dodaj do koszyka. Dodaj do listy życzeń. Vallisneria spiralis is the type species of the genus Vallisneria, described by Linnaeus (1753) from its native habitat in southern Europe ( Lowden, 1982 ). Worldwide, twelve species have been recognized recently by molecular techniques and a further 2-3 by morphological differences that were invariant at the molecular level ( Les et al., 2008 ) Vallisneria spiralis 'Tiger' from Asia is an excellent plant for beginners, growing in virtually all light and water conditions. The name 'Tiger' is due to its striped leaves (30-50 cm long, 1-2 cm wide). The relatively short leaves makes it suitable for small aquariums, and the leaves are also narrow, meaning they do not overshadow smaller plants

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Vallisneria spiralis L. Nurzaniec śrubowy, Nurzaniec spiralny (Vallisneria spiralis L.) - jedna z najbardziej znanych roślin wykorzystywanych w akwarystyce, należąca do rodziny żabiściekowatych (Hydrocharitaceae). Ceniona za szybki wzrost, tolerancję i wiązanie zanieczyszczeń. Zalecana do stosowania w fitoremediacji Vallisneria spiralis Tiger är en vacker Vallisneria -variant med mycket stor anpassningsförmåga. Den är en av de allra tåligaste akvarieväxterna och just denna variant har relativt kort bladlängd vilket gör att den är lämplig också i lite mindre akvarier. Artens smala blad gör också att den inte skuggar låga växter i akvariet Ökologie. Vallisneria spiralis ist ein Hydrophyt und wächst als submerse Wasserpflanze mit flutenden Laubblättern, die mit Faserwurzeln im Gewässergrund verankert ist.. Die Gewöhnliche Wasserschraube weist eine interessante Bestäubung, Befruchtung und Ausbreitung der Diasporen auf. Wenn die männliche Spatha unter Wasser aufgerissen ist, lösen sich die männlichen Blüten los und.

Vallisneria spiralis var. spiralis je jedna z mála rostlin, která se hodí i k tlamovcům z jezer Malawi a Tanganika. Miluje totiž uhličitanovou vodu a vápenné dno, a nevadí jí ani vyšší parametry ph. Rostlina je také známá pod označením Vallisneria spiralis, což je ale jen druhově neúplný název Vallisneria spiralis - Zákruticha šroubovitá Není skladem 61,00 Kč 53,04 Kč bez DPH Kompletní specifikace Původ: Kultivar: Výška : 15-40 cm: Šířka: 5-15 cm: Teplota: 22-28.

Vallisneria spiralis var. spiralis je velmi oblíbená akvarijní rostlina, vhodná pro naprosté začátečníky. Zkušenější akvaristé ji používají v čerstvě založených nádržích jako rychlé pohlcovače fosfátů a čpavku, které bývají zdrojem řas Zákruticha šroubovitá (Vallisneria spiralis) je tropická až subtropická vodní rostlina, která je často pěstována jako akvarijní rostlina a byla nalezena přechodně zplanělá i ve volné přírodě. Další druhy jsou pěstovány jako akvarijní rostliny Vallisneria spiralis, also known as straight vallisneria, tape grass, or eel grass is a common aquarium plant that prefers good light and a nutrient rich substrate.In the wild, it can be found in tropical and sub-tropical regions worldwide Description: Perennial, submerged, with a stolon; leaves in tufts along the stolons, long, linear, usually minutely toothed towards the apex, to 2 (rarely 6) m long, with 5-9 main longitudinal veins. Male flowers less than 1 mm long, many within a spathe 1-2 cm long, anthers 2 or 3; female flowers 1.5-2.5 cm long, sessile and solitary within a. Vallisneria spiralis - Zákruticha šroubovitá. Listy vyrůstají v přízemní růžici, jsou páskovitě protažené, 30-50cm dlouhé a jen asi 0,5 cm široké. Jsou zelené a na rozdíl od jiných Valisnerií rovné. Název spiralis je odvozen od květenství, které vyrůstá na hladiny na spirálovitě stočeném stonku.Sázíme do.

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  1. One of the most popular and easy to care species is the Vallisneria spirallis, also known as the Italian or Straight Vallis. Italian Val aquarium plants can reach up to 20 inches and are often available in a brilliant red color morph
  2. Plante Vallisneria spiralis (Vallisnérie spiralée):. La vallisnérie spiralée Vallisneria spiralis, une plante vivace de la famille des Hydrocharitacées, agrémente de nombreux fonds d'aquariums.Facile à entretenir, facile à planter, facile à cultiver, la vallisnérie en spirale finit par atteindre la surface de l'eau pour laisser flotter ses longues feuilles
  3. Vallisneria spiralis, die Gewöhnliche Wasserschraube, bildet im Aquarium nach einer Eingewöhnungszeit schnell dichte, satt-grüne Bestände mit zahlreichen Ausläufern. Wie bei allen Vallisnerien kommt es aufgrund der vielen Variationen dieser Wasserpflanzen gerne zu Verwechslungen untereinander
  4. Vallisneria americana is a common species in the hobby, that tends to be larger and have straighter leaves. Vallisneria spiralis is a great species for small to medium size aquariums because it usually grows to about 20 inches or so in height. Vallisneria nana- This Australian species grows slightly less vigorously than the others. It is.
  5. Vallisneria spiralis. La Vallisneria spiralis, simple d'entretien, est aussi une bonne plante oxygénante . Elle pousse dans 40 cm à 1m d'eau, de préférence stagnante ou légèrement courante. Elle apprécie le soleil ou la mi-ombre et vit dans les bacs, bassins, mares ou étangs. Complètement immergées, ses longues feuilles vert-brun.
  6. Vallisneria spiralis; Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. Přejít do košíku Pokračovat Vallisneria rubra serpanta. Vallisneria spiralis red. Vallisneria spiralis. 63,00 Kč / (2.34 EUR) (55,00 K č bez DPH) Dostupnost:.
  7. Nome scientifico: Vallisneria spiralis Famiglia: Hydrocaritacee Luogo di provenienza: europa , asia Dimensioni: 40 cm Acqua: durezza media Temperatura:18 - 24 °C Ph: 6,5 - 7 Luce: Media Difficoltà: Facile. Posizione: posteriore Crescita: Media. Caratteristiche E' una pianta con foglie a nastro che sviluppandosi dal fondo arrivano fino alla superficie attorcigliandosi e creando un vero.

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Vallisneria spiralisZákruticha šroubovitáTape Grass. Roste velmi dobře, rychle se rozrůstá a dokáže zaplevelit celé akvárium. Je vhodná k zadní stěně a na zakrytí techniky v akváriu. Kvůli své výšce až 100 cm se listy často rozrostou přes celou hladinu, takže mohou stínit ostatním rostlinám. Často se pak stává, že. Vallisneria spiralis je substrátově zakořeněná vodní rostlina (neplovoucí) s vláknitou kořenovou strukturou a je známá také jako přímá Vallisneria, pásková tráva, eelgrass nebo nejčastěji jako eelweed.Jedná se o velmi běžně používanou akvarijní rostlinu a je vlastně jednou z prvních rostlin používaných v akváriích koncem 19. století th století Vallisneria spiralis L. We have few details about this taxon; if you can provide any information, photos or reliable records, please contact one of the site authors. Email addresses are given on the home page En savoir plus sur la Vallisneria spiralis Tiger : Cette variété est donc très intéressante en aquariophilie. En effet, on peut l'intégrer dans de nombreux aquariums que ce soit un gros volume ou un nano aquarium. Avec sa grandeur et sa croissance rapide, elle permet de tamponner un minimum le NO3 et de lutter, à son ampleur, contre les. Italian Val (Vallisneria spiralis) is one of the hardiest and most widespread of the Val's. It has straight green leaves; the species name spiralis comes from the spiraled white flower that may develop above the water level. These plants can tolerate a wider range of water conditions than other Val's (even very slightly brackish) and grow.

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  1. Internetový obchod pro vaše miláčky, akvaristika, vše pro psy a kočky za výborné ceny
  2. Produktinformationen Vallisneria spiralis 'Red Leopard' - Rote Leopard Schraubenvallisnerie Sie ist eine Varietät der normalen Vallisneia spiralis. Wie diese ist die rötliche Varietät eine schnellwachsende Art und bildet im Aquarium nach einer Eingewöhnungszeit schnell dichte Bestände mit zahlreichen Ausläufern
  3. Vallisneria spiralis is often confused with another species (with nice spiral shaped leaves) - Vallisneria asiatica var. Biwaensis, which grows in tropical Asia. The plant is endemic to lake Biwa in Japan. It grows in shallow waters in well lighted areas
  4. Vallisneria Spiralis is commonly known as Straight Vallisneria, Tape Grass, Jungle Val, Italian Vallisneria, or Eelgrass. It's a perfect background aquarium plant and it prefers good light and a nutrient-rich substrate to grow well. Sold as Bare-root Plants, Bunched plants, or Potted plants. Bunched plants | 2-3 plants with foam, and lead weight
  5. Vhodné i do akvárii s drobnými rybickami. Praha/Poděbrady. Velikost cca 1 cm (mladý jedinec). Mail: nelafriedlova@email.cz. Vždy 10 + 1 zdarma. K prodeji rovněž tráva vallisneria spiralis - 5 ks za 50 Kč, a řasová koule 30 ks, a Živorodka ..
  6. Vallisneria spiralis. Val­lis­ne­ria spi­ra­lis ist die am längs­ten bekann­te Was­ser­schrau­be. Sie wird vor allem des­halb schon so lan­ge als Aqua­ri­en­pflan­ze ver­wen­det, da sie in Euro­pa (aber auch in Afri­ka und wahr­schein­lich auch in Süd­west­asi­en) hei­misch ist

Vallisneria spiralis is a completely submerged plant commonly occurring in the lakes, ponds and streams of the drainage area along the middle and lower waters.It is a herbaceous and fast growing species with narrow and long leaves based on the procumbent in the sediment of the water body . V. spiralis can remove excess nutrients in the water body and thus has been widely used as an ecological. Kód produktu: K269. Dostupnost: Většinou skladem. Cena bez DPH: 33,33 Kč. Cena s DPH 20%: 40,00 Kč. Popis. Dotaz. V košíčku. Máte nějaký dotaz na toto zboží? Neváhejte a zeptejte se nás Vallisneria Torta. Rataj. Kód 140. Stav Nové. Velmi ozdobný druh vallisnerie dosahující menšího vzrůstu. Více podrobností

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  2. Vallisneria australis S.W.L.Jacobs & Les APNI* . Synonyms: Vallisneria americana auct. non L. APNI* Vallisneria spiralis auct. non L. p.p. APNI* Vallisneria gigantea auct.non Graebn. p.p. APNI* . Description: Submerged tufted stoloniferous aquatic perennial; stolons white or light brown, rooting at the nodes. Leaves all basal, strap-shaped, to 3 m long and 11-35 mm wide, with obtuse apex.
  3. La vallisnérie spiralée (Vallisneria spiralis) est une plante aquatique vivace de la famille des Hydrocharitaceae originaire d'Europe du sud, d'Asie et d'Afrique du nord où elle forme des herbiers riches en biodiversité et contribue fortement à l'oxygénation des eaux stagnantes grâce à sa photosynthèse.Elle régresse aujourd'hui dans son habitat d'origine mais progresse davantage vers.
  4. La Vallisneria spiralis ou Vallisnérie spiralée est une plante aquatique idéale pour les débutants en aquariophilie. Elle très souvent conseillée aux novices car elle n'a pas besoin d'un substrat riche, du simple sable de Loire lui convient, ni d'ajouts pointilleux de nutriments sous forme d'engrais liquide ou encore d'un éclairage poussé
  5. Vallisneria jacquinii Savi Vallisneria linnet Bercht. & J.Presl Vallisneria micheliana Spreng. Vallisneria michelii Savi Vallisneria numidica Pomel Vallisneria pusilla Barbieri Vallisneria pusilla Barbieri ex Bertol. Vallisneria spiralis f. aethiopica (Fenzl) T.Durand & Schinz Vallisneria spiralis var. numidica (Pomel) Maire & Weille
  6. Vallisneria spiralis is available to buy in increments of 1 Details Overview: Popular with a number of names like eelgrass, eel weed, tape grass, Vallisneria spiralis is one of the best aquarium plants for beginners
  7. eral maifanite supplement on the growth, physiological and phytochemical process of Vallisneria spiralis (V. spiralis) were investigated by an outdoor PVC barrel experiment, to provide a technical reference for further applications in aquatic ecological restoration

Vallisneria rubra 50,00 Kč detail Vallisneria spiralis Red 40,00 K. Vallisneria spiralis L. è una pianta acquatica della famiglia Hydrocharitaceae. Descrizione. La pianta è acquatica, erbacea perenne, sommersa, d'acqua dolce; è costituita da un cespo basale, dal quale si diparte un fascio di foglie a colore verde chiaro o rossiccio, a forma di nastro rettilineo, lunghe da 600 a 900 mm, larghe da 15 a 18 mm. Vallisneria Spiralis or as most people know them as Italian Vals are wonderful tall background plants. They do well in just about all water types and lighting, from soft to hard and low light to high light. With Vallisneria Spiralis you can cut the leaves to any size without damaging the plant which makes them great for small, large, tall, and short tanks Nurzaniec śrubowy (Vallisneria spiralis L.) - gatunek typowy rośliny z rodzaju Vallisneria L. z rodziny żabiściekowatych (Hydrocharitaceae).Jest gatunkiem kosmopolitycznym w wodach słodkich w strefie klimatu tropikalnego i ciepłego umiarkowanego.W wielu miejscach świata zawleczony i inwazyjny.W Europie Środkowej, w tym w Polsce, stwierdzony został w zbiornikach zanieczyszczonych.

THE POLLINATION OF VALLISNERIA SPIRALIS ROBERT B. WYLIE (WITH PLATE IX AND SIX FIGURES) Vallisneria has long been counted one of the classic examples of cross-pollination. Living vegetatively as a submersed aquatic, its dioecious flowers are brought together at the surface of the water in most ingenious fashion. These highly specialized flowers. Vallisneria. Vallisneria spiralis L. Vallisneria spiralis L. is an accepted name This name is the accepted name of a species in the genus Vallisneria (family Hydrocharitaceae). The record derives from WCSP (data supplied on 2012-03-23) which reports it as an accepted name (record 308987) with original publication details: Sp. Pl. 1015 175

学名 Vallisneria spiralis 世界中の熱帯から温帯に分布。葉長は80cmほどになる。入手しやすく栽培も容易でポピュラーな種。 ネジレモ (スクリュー・バリスネリア) 学名 Vallisneria asiatica var. biwaensi Vallisneria Spiralis Leopard is characterized by long, thin leaves that vary in shades of green, red and brownish. Very similar in appearance to regular Vallisneria Spiralis, Vallisneria Spiralis Leopard has a distinct pattern on its leaves in addition to its varying color tones. Val Spiralis Leopard offers a unique b Vallisneria, auch Wasserschrauben, Sumpfschrauben und eingedeutscht Vallisnerien genannt, ist eine Pflanzengattung innerhalb der Familie der Froschbissgewächse (Hydrocharitaceae). Die etwa 14 Arten gedeihen als submerse Wasserpflanzen im Süßwasser oder Brackwasser in den Subtropen bis Tropen fast weltweit. Vallisneria spiralis ist in einigen subtropischen und tropischen Gebieten. Vallisneria spiralis in the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN), U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service. Vernacular names [ edit ] العربية: فاليسناريا سبيرالي Vallisneria spiralis aquar plant reflection blooming at the nature pond,Thailand Vallisneria spiralis aquar plant reflection blooming at the nature pond,Thailand vallisneria stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. Antique bird illustration - Cavas-back Duck - Fuligula Vallisneria From New England Bird Life 1883. vallisneria stock.

Media in category Vallisneria spiralis The following 8 files are in this category, out of 8 total. PSM V68 D255 Vallisneria spiralis 7 weeks growth in lake soil.png. PSM V68 D256 Vallisneria spiralis 7 weeks growth in gravel.png. Vallisneria spiralis vaam3 001 php.jpg. Vallisneria spiralis.jpg Vallisneria (Vallisneria spiralis) is een overblijvende, ondergedoken waterplant, die tot de waterkaardefamilie behoort. De plant is in Nederland ingevoerd en komt van nature voor in Zuidwest-Europa, Noord-Afrika en Zuidwest-Azië. De plant wordt gebruikt in aquaria.. De plant heeft stengels die meer dan 50 cm lang kunnen worden en vormt, ongeveer 10 cm lange, wortelende uitlopers Zákruticha šroubovitá ( Vallisneria spiralis) je tropická až subtropická vodní rostlina, která je často pěstována jako akvarijní rostlina a byla nalezena přechodně zplanělá i ve volné přírodě. Další druhy jsou pěstovány jako akvarijní rostliny Vallisneria spiralis Leopard je nádherná akvarijní rostlina. Jedná se o jednu z nejkrásnějších akvarijních rostlin. Obří Vallisneria, původem z jižní a východní části Austrálie, také roste při teplotách pod 20 ° C v nevyhřívaných nádržích. PŮVOD: Austrálie UMÍSTĚNÍ: Zadní část akvári Vallisneria spiralis. Poslední kus skladem! Pochází z Jihovýchodní asie, čeleď Hydrocharitaceae. Prodává se také pod názvem V.americana natans. Listy vyrůstají v přízemní růžici, jsou páskovitě protažené, 30-50cm dlouhé a jen asi 0,5 cm široké. Jsou zelené a na rozdíl od jiných Valisnerií rovné

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Nabízíme širokou škálu veškerých potřeb a pomůcek pro amatérskou i profesionální akvaristik Zvířata - Vallisneria spiralis inzerce. Prodejte snadno a rychle na Bazoši. Přes půl milionů uživatelů za den. Najděte co potřebujete ve Vaší kategorii Vallisneria asiatica var. biwaensis Torta Zákruticha asijská Torta . Vallisneria spiralis Zákruticha šroubovit Vallisneria spiralis. 63,00 Kč / (2.34 EUR) (55,00 K č bez DPH) Dostupnost: Koupit. Vallisneria spiralis red. 63,00 Kč.

Buy Vallisneria Spiralis or Jungle Vallis- One of the most popular Vallisneria plants available having long straight narrow leaves which if left will spread flat across the surface. DELIVERY TIMES • STANDARD: 1-3 WORKING DAYS AFTER DISPATCH • EXPRESS: NEXT WORKING DAY DELIVERY ORDER BEFORE 1PM.. Vallisneria spiralis ist als einfache, schnellwüchsige Aquarienpflanze bekannt und auch Anfängern zu empfehlen. Sie benötigt keine CO 2 -Zugabe und bevorzugt mittlere bis hohe Karbonathärte. Der Lichtbedarf ist mäßig, doch für Schwachlichtbecken ist V. spiralis nicht zu empfehlen. Eine gute Nährstoffversorgung über das Wasser oder auch. Vallisneria micheliana Spreng. Vallisneria michelii Savi Vallisneria numidica Pomel Vallisneria pusilla Barbieri ex Bertol. Vallisneria spiralis f. aethiopica (Fenzl) T.Durand & Schinz Vallisneria spiralis var. numidica (Pomel) Maire & Weille Vallisneria spiralis 'Leopard' (10 per order) $12.99. Quick view add to tank. AquariumPlants.com. Vallisneria Jungle (Vallisneria Americana var. americana)(sold 10 plants per order) $15.99. Quick view Out of stock (get notified when available) AquariumPlants.com. Vallisneria Italian (Vallisneria spiralis)(sold 10 plants per order).

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Vallisneria spiralis, also known as Straight Vallisneria, Tape grass, or Eel grass is a common aquarium plant that prefers good light and a nutrient rich substrate. In the wild, it can be found in tropical and sub-tropical regions worldwide. Vallisneria spiralis is an excellent plant for beginners, growing in virtuall Vallisneria spiralis. IUCN Environmental Impact Classification for Alien Taxa (EICAT). Download Summary. Download Details. The Global Invasive Species Database was developed and is managed by the Invasive Species Specialist Group (ISSG) of the Species Survival Commission (SSC) of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). It was. Tracheophyta › Magnoliopsida › Hydrocharitaceae › Vallisneria › Vallisneria spiralis. Ecology . A perennial herb that grows submerged in still or slowly flowing water in several canals and a brick pit. In the River Lea Navigation canal (Middlesex), it grows in shallow water on a mud and gravel substrate, and in the Reddish Canal (S.

Male Dwarf Gourami in a tropical aquarium with Vallisneria grass in the background. Marine Flora. ROMANIA - CIRCA 1966: stamp printed by Romania, shows Marine Flora, Vallisneria spiralis, circa 1966. Vallisneria spiralis aquar plant reflection blooming at the natu Vallisneria grows so fast that it often goes to compost. I suggest everyone give it a try. If you've got multiple high tech planted aquariums, a vallisneria jungle is a nice reprieve from all the maintenance. If you've never had plants before, it'll unlock a whole new world to you. Once you've got it growing, you'll always have it around in at.

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Vallisneria spiralis stems reveal some special characters in accordance with their submerged life habit. The epidermis is composed of thin-walled cells, cuticle is absent but chloroplasts occur. The cortex has large, well-developed air chambers, in a more or less, regular arrangement, filled with atmospheric gases. Mechanical tissues are completel Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients in Vallisneria Spiralis. List of various diseases cured by Vallisneria Spiralis. How Vallisneria Spiralis is effective for various diseases is listed in repertory format. Names of Vallisneria Spiralis in various languages of the world are also given

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Vallisneria spiralis. Přidat do oblíbených. Odebrat z oblíbených. 86 Kč Cena obsahuje DPH. Do obchodu Rataj akvaristika. Přidat do oblíbených Odebrat z oblíbených The study assessed the comparative potential of a free floating water fern Azolla pinnata and submerged aquatic macrophyte Vallisneria spiralis to purify waters polluted by Hg. Six days laboratory experiments have been conducted to mark the percentage removal of Hg at initial concentration of 0.1, 0.5, 1.0 and 3.0 mg L(-1)

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Vallisneria spiralis Taxonomy ID: 55324 (for references in articles please use NCBI:txid55324) current nam Vallisneria Vallisneria americana Vallisneria asiatica var biwae Vallisneria gigantea Vallisneria spiralis Vallisneria is found world wide: North, South, and Central America; Africa; Asia-Pacific. Plant Symbol Definition HAVE any of your readers noticed the rapid evolution of oxygen by a blade of Vallisneria spiralis? If a blade is cut or broken and held under water, the bubbles of gas are rapidly noticed issuing. Vallisneria spiralis, also known as Straight Vallisneria, Tape grass, or Eel grass is a common aquarium plant that prefers good light and a nutrient rich substrate. In the wild, it can be found in tropical and sub-tropical regions worldwide. It has narrow, linear leaves that range in colour from a pale-green to reddish up to 3 feet (1 m) long. Vallisneria Spiralis lo trovi nelle Categorie: Home » Piante e Arredo » Piante vive » Piante in vasetto Piante e Arredo » Piante vive » Piante a crescita rapida. Carrello spesa: Non ci sono Prodotti: Per gli ordini superiori a 39,00Euro e con peso/volume inferiore a 10 kg, le spedizioni in Italia sono gratuite

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Vallisneria spiralis (Italian) Scientific name: Vallisneria spiralis (Italian) Family: Hydrocharitaceae. Usual maximum size in aquariums: 30 - 55 cm (11.81 - 21.65 inch) 0 14. Recommended pH range for the species: 6.5 - 7.6. Recommended water hardness (dGH): 4 - 18°N (71.43 - 321.43ppm) 0°C 32°F 30°C 86° Vallisneria spiralis is an evergreen Perennial. It is hardy to zone (UK) 8. It is in leaf all year, in flower from June to October. The species is dioecious (individual flowers are either male or female, but only one sex is to be found on any one plant so both male and female plants must be grown if seed is required). and is pollinated by Water

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This study investigated the fate of ciprofloxacin (CIP) in wetlands dominated by Vallisneria spiralis.About 99% of CIP was degraded from overlaying water within 4 days of treatment but significantly inhibited the nutrient removal capacity (TN, TP, and COD) by causing a drastic reduction in microbial aggregation in epiphytic biofilm and bacterial biodiversity Nombre común: Vallisneria, Straight Vallisneria. Nombre científico: Vallisneria Spiralis. Familia: Hidrocaritaceae Origen: Sureste de Asia. Forma: Planta acuática de rizoma corto que tiene hojas en roseta, finas y cintadas, de color verde. Tamaño: Alcanzan hasta 1 metro de longitud y 10 mm de ancho. Forma de propagación: Normalmente por estolones laterales, pasado un mes ya podremos.

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中文学名: 扭兰 拉丁学名: Vallisneria spiralis 别名: — 科属分类: 水鳖科 苦草属 分类: 丛生 造景位置: 中景 产地分布: — 养殖难度: 低 生长速度: 快 光照要求: 中光照 适宜水温: 18-30 酸碱度(PH): 6.0-7.5 硬度(GH): 2-15 CO2需求: 无需添加 简 Vallisneria spiralis: ha foglie lineari verde chiaro e ha una crescita più contenuta. Vallisneria nana : originaria dellustralia, può raggiungere al massimo 50 cm. Nonostante la crescita contenuta, si consiglia di posizionarlo sempre sullo sfondo dell'acquario Vallisneria spiralis tended to increase the magnitude of solute fluxes and switched the benthic metabolism from heterotrophic to autotrophic. This capacity, previously demonstrated in less organic sediments (Ribaudo et al. 2011), was also maintained in the present conditions of OM enrichment

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Vallisneria spiralis Tiger erreicht in der Natur nur etwa 15 cm Höhe, im Aquarium kann sie eine Wuchshöhe zwischen 30-60 cm erreichen. Interessant bei dieser Pflanze sind die gestreiften Blätter. Bei sehr guter Beleuchtung können die Blätter auch statt der grünen Grundfarbe einen leichten Rot- oder Braunton haben Vallisneria Spiralis, also known as straight vallisneria, is one of the best known and most popular of aquatic plants in the hobby. The leaves of this plant may grow up to 24 inches in length. For this reason, the best placement of V. Spiralis in your aquarium is in the background or around the corners/edges of the aquarium Beschreibung: Vallisneria spiralis ist eine klassische, seit den Anfangszeiten der Aquaristik bekannte Aquarienpflanze. Sie kommt in Afrika, den wärmeren Teilen Europas (z.B. Italien) und wahrscheinlich auch in Vorderasien in stehenden und fließenden Gewässern vor, breitet sich in Europa aber auch in den nördlicheren Gebieten aus

Vallisneria planten: kroontje boven de grond! Plaats de Vallisneria tussen je pinsette in de lengte (de plant en de pinsette moeten 1 geheel vormen), maar zorg ervoor dat het plantje onderaan niet uitsteekt. Vervolgens steek je de pinsette langzaam in de bodem waarbij je een beetje draait met de pinsette om de grind of aquasoil los te maken Planta ideal para la parte posterior del acuario. Detalles Iluminacion: Puede soportar baja iluminación. Sustrato: De por lo menos 5cm. Abonado: Es mas probable que otras plantas presenten signos de carencias antes que esta especie. CO2: No indispensable. Dificultad: Fácil. Planta ideal para la parte posterior del acu Vallisneria spiralis forme des herbiers denses, c'est une plantes d'eau douce à racines fibreuses, à tige courte et à feuilles immergées, linéaires, en sangle ou en ruban jusqu'à 10 mm de large et 100 cm de long ou plus, disposées en rosette basale Greenpro Vallisneria Spiralis | Italian Val Potted Live Aquatic Aquarium Plants Pond Tropical Freshwater Fish Tank GREENPROUSA $ 15.99 FREE shipping Eligible orders get 10% off Spend $100.00 to get 10% off your order Add to Favorites BUY 2 GET 1 FREE Java Moss Taxiphyllum Barbieri Easy Live Aquarium Plants (Out of Stock, will be back soon). En savoir plus. Grande vallisnérie, la Vallisneria spiralis a des feuilles d'un demi-centimètre de large, de coloris vert profond, c'est une plante haute très décorative en arrière-plan. Cette vallisnérie se propage à très vive allure, elle tire son nom des tiges spiralées qu'elle envoie vers la surface

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Vallisneria spiralis är en trevlig akvarieväxt med god anpassningsförmåga. Lättskött växt med måttligt ljusbehov. Eftersom växten har smala blad så skuggar den heller inte lägre växter. Skickar utlöpare med nya skott för att försöka sig. AquaFlora Vallisneria spiralis Vallisneria spiralis L. Vallisneria triptera S.W.L.Jacobs & K.A.Frank; Note. Altri progetti contiene immagini o altri file su ; contiene informazioni su ; Collegamenti esterni. EN) Vallisneria, su Enciclopedia Britannica, Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. Controllo di autorità. Vallisneria spiralis 'Tiger' Aquariumpflanze Pflanze Hintergrund Tropica 055A. EUR 6,99. EUR 4,99 Versand. 10x Valisnerie - Pflanze fürs Aquarium (echte Wasserpflanze) EUR 6,00. 0 Gebote. EUR 3,00 Versand. Endet am Sonntag, 12:32 MESZ 6T 3Std. oder Preisvorschlag