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  1. I have been invited by Jacques Maroun (Teh Actors Workshop) to teach calligraphy in Beirut. It was a great experience to share my passion in Lebanon. Calligraphy is a major Art in the Arabic Culture and I am proud to contribute to its vitality across the world. Paris- 2019 Paris is a fascinating city for its cultural dynamism and variety
  2. This one-day workshop introduces you to the journey of the Arabic language and how it has transpired into a divine art form over the years. You'll embark on a journey learning how the art of calligraphy was embraced by the Hijaz and claimed it's love by the Moors, enlightening the soul of Al Andalus, how it became the crown of Abbasids and flowed effortlessly in the hands of Ibn-Muqla, how.
  3. Arabic calligraphy workshop The Visual Arts Center of the Ministry of Culture and Sport presents the fourth and final session of the Arabic calligraphy workshop today. During the session, visual artist, Hassan Shalar, will give an online lecture on the Center's YouTube channel
  4. The workshop will be consisted of four courses: 1- The Comprehensive Course: An Abbreviated course, focusing on studying and practicing the existing and extinct types and styles of Arabic calligraphy. The course is made of 6 sessions; each one is 2 hours long on Saturdays. The participants have the option to choose from the following time slots
  5. Arabic Calligraphy Workshop. Calligraphy means beautiful writing and Arabic calligraphy (or more properly, Islamic calligraphy) is considered a high art form in the Arab world and is increasingly gaining recognition and is revered worldwide. This tradition has remained vibrant for more than two thousand-years
  6. This workshop is now full. Any new registrations will be added to our reserves list. Delivered in four sessions, these workshops will be a combination of theoretical presentations and practical experience, providing an introduction to the newly developed modern style of Arabic calligraphy Al Wissam.. The workshops will begin with an illustrated lecture on the development of this style of.

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The workshop will be in two courses. 1. Comprehensive Course: ‫An Abbreviated course, focusing on studying and practicing the existing and extinct types and styles of Arabic calligraphy Arabic Calligraphy workshop. Arabic workshop with young people in Jeddah. The workshop was for three hours where basic rules of calligraphy were explained with guidance about the appropriate tools to use. In the last two hours, with the help of a pencil, an Arabic word, Allahu Akbar was taught with watercolor techniques

As well as managing House of Calligraphy since 2011 I have been learning and practicing Arabic Calligraphy for more than 10 years. Initially started with the Naskh Script under my teacher Molana Muzaffar Hussain I took my passion for Arabic Calligraphy and Islamic Art further when I completed my Masters in Visual Islamic & Traditional Art at the Princes School of Traditional Arts as well as. The Arabic Calligraphy course will provide a comprehensive step-by-step approach to learning the khatt (خط) through its origins, various major script s; such as, Deewani, Kufi, Thuluth, etc, and practice. The students will be guided towards finding their own approach to this sacred art. No knowledge of Arabic is required Arabic Calligraphy Workshop As part of the Asia House Bagri Foundation Literature Festival enjoy a morning learning the wonderful art of Arabic calligraphy with Moustafa Hassan, master calligrapher and Arabic calligraphy instructor at SOAS, University of London Muhammad Habib, visiting assistant professor of Arabic at Claremont McKenna College, will offer a workshop on Arabic calligraphy. Muhammad Habib received two B.A. degrees from Al-Azhar University, one in Islamic studies and education and the other in Arabic language and linguistics.He also received his M.A. and Ph.D. in Arabic Linguistics at Al- Azhar Universtiy, Egypt

The Ara Gallery is presenting an Arabic Calligraphy Workshop with Wissam Shawcat, in collaboration with the Dubai Calligrap... Article by Oasis Magazine. 486. Arabic Calligraphy Art Beautiful Calligraphy Arabic Art Font Art Typography Art Letter Art Teaching Art Decoration Artwork Arabic Calligraphy Workshop with Nabeela Malik: Participants will learn the basics of Arabic Calligraphy letter forms. They will be introduced to basic techniques and words which they will practice using the brushes, ink and calligraphy pens. By the end of the session, students will be able to create and keep a word or phrase in Arabic

Ottoman - Turkish Calligraphy, also known as Arabic calligraphy, is the art of writing, and extension, of bookmaking. This art has most often employed the Arabic script, throughout many languages. Calligraphy is especially revered among Islamic arts since it was the primary means for the preservation of the Qur'an My workshop theme was 'Contemporary Arabic Calligraphy' Calligraphy Workshop in Istanbul January 2015: I've conducted two workshops, the first one was in elementary school for Syrian students in Beylikdüzü district west of Istanbul, for around 12 students from different age groups •Introduction to varies type of Arabic Calligraphy •Introduction to tradition and non-traditional Arabic Calligraphy •Basic Law for Arabic Calligraphy ( Noqtah/above-under line/ slanted line) •Writing from Right to Left •Huruf Hijjaiyah •Proper technique to hold the 'Qalam'(Calligraphy Pen) Curriculum Beginner Workshop (Level 1.

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Calligraphy Workshop: An introduction to Arabic Calligraphy and Abstract Art with Rafique Cajee. This will be a virtual session hosted on Awqaf SA's Facebook and YouTube platforms. For more information, visit www.awqafsa.org.z This site uses cookies to improve your experience and to help show content that is more relevant to your interests. By using this site, you agree to the use of cookies by Flickr and our partners as described in our cookie policy The Centre specializes in the practice of Arabic calligraphy and methods of its implementation. Students are introduced to the history of this art form, taken through its development in Islamic and Arab countries and given a hands-on experience in the unique skill of calligraphy and types of ornamentations and techniques used in calligraphic works Qalam wa Lawh offers calligraphy workshops year-round for groups or individuals interested in perfecting their Arabic writing and practicing some of the basics of Arabic calligraphy. Qalam offers two types of workshops: . 1. On-site adult workshops - Students can reserve a workshop as a group or come individually to an hour-long organized class.

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Arabic Calligraphy Workshop Posted on Thursday, June 17, 2021 Posted By: Tara Olhoft Categories: Special Announcements ICM Women's Committee is organizing an Arabic Calligraphy Workshop for sisters starting on June 25th, please register here if you are interested Arabic Calligraphy workshop activity lesson Spain online live session spanish Alhambra Granada Andalusia fun bes

Arabic Calligraphy Workshop Led by an expert calligrapher trained in the traditional art, this workshop offers a lecture and hands-on experience in Arabic calligraphy. Past workshops have included Muhammad Habib, who completed his calligraphy study at the world-renowned Calligraphy Institute in Cairo, Egypt Arabic Calligraphy Workshop. Dip your pen into the world of Arabic calligraphy, the soul of Islamic art in a 3-hour workshop on 14th April 2019 10:00am - 1:00pm. Cost R150 Aslm faheem. I attended the course on Sunday and would like to say a big shukran or rather jazaaka Allah khayr. I'm an Arabic student and suddenly have greater respect. Sat, 21 November 2020. 07:00 - 09:00 PST. Add to calendar. Location. Online event. Organiser William Morris Society. Organiser of Online workshop: Arabic Calligraphy. The William Morris Society aims to perpetuate the memory of one of the greatest men of the Victorian, or any, age. The life, work and ideas of William Morris (1834-1896) are as. The workshop for the second year students was more specific, and the main focus was on introducing the students to working with Arabic Calligraphy, and the process of commissioning a calligrapher, Art directing him, and incorporating / working on his contribution in their own design work. The assignment consisted of having every student choose. Arabic calligraphy is much like the arabic language, challenging, interesting, and with its very own sets of rules. The notable thing about arabic hand writing is the fact that every form of arabic calligraphy has a different style, and a specific rule book for the manner at which this calligraphy is executed. This workshop is taking place from.

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  1. A group of calligraphy and manuscript arts enthusiasts from various parts of South Africa. ‍Background and history. Since the 1980's , Dr Sulaiman Nordien had led many Arabic calligraphy workshops in Cape Town. A survey was done on existing Arabic classes in Cape Town at the time, which gave insight into the students success rate
  2. Kaddoura Calligraphy creates a new constructive way of thinking and problem solving through the traditional art and its beauty. The artworks are written by certified and professional calligraphers who want to bring Arabic calligraphy back to its former glory, while the Arabic calligraphy workshops train a new generation to keep the art alive
  3. Scripts 'n' Scribes- Arabic Calligraphy. We are passionate about bringing together those who seek knowledge of Arabic Calligraphy and other traditional arts and the accomplished teachers and masters of those art. Our program is designed to offer ongoing instruction and opportunity to progress for both novice and seasoned students
  4. A truly unique workshop focussed on the fascinating beauty of Islamic Art covering the delicate technique of traditional Arabic calligraphy. Demonstrations and tutorials with an opportunity for students to explore their artistic abilities and produce their own creative works with a range of equipment
  5. As a naturally artistically talented boy, Salman started practicing the art of calligraphy since his teenage years. He started the serious study of both Western and Arabic Calligraphy fifteen years ago when he moved to Dubai and had an opportunity to attend a workshop in Arabic Calligraphy
  6. Master Iranian calligrapher Bahman Panahi will be holding a calligraphy workshop for all levels from July 20-25, 2015 in Maryland, USA. Master Panahi is normally based in Paris and has many years of experience teaching calligraphy in the East, West, as well as Iran
  7. Enjoy the best calligraphy classes and workshops from beginning to mastring. If you love Arabic calligraphy and would like to beautifully write style, or want to make your name in a beautiful script, Tajalhorouf offers lessons and workshops specializing in calligraphy as requested by all calligraphy styles

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Free Workshop Do contact us for the FREE Calligraphy & Paintings Workshop, We would love to Contribute to Society and Bring Smiles Our mission is to bring happiness and satisfaction in society through our artwork by creating your walls and home decor beautiful/Abstractive according to your imagination Washington University Senior Lecturer in Arabic Younasse Tarbouni led a workshop on Arabic calligraphy, a style of expression that brings together art and writing to meet at a skillfully harmonious intersection, last Thursday and Friday, Oct. 10 and 11 The Arabic script changes according to different cultures and traditions. The Arabic scripts found in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Persia are more cursive compared to their uses in Syria, Egypt and Morocco. Join calligrapher Soleiman Ali Abukar in this beginner's Arabic calligraphy workshop. Learn to write Arabic letters in Naksh script and create. The Arabic Calligraphy & Design workshop is composed of a series of lectures and hands-on tutorials that aim to develop the basic skills of calligraphy and explore the usage of calligraphy in design c.. Workshops. Use your imagination to create paintings using shapes, figures and Arabic calligraphy, led by artist and calligrapher Mohammed Mandi. For enquiries and registration email info@culturalfoundation.ae, call 02 6576348 or visit Cultural Foundation in person. Minimum Age: +13. Bait Al Khatt - Cultural Foundation

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  1. Calligraphy, Hand Lettering, Brush Lettering Courses, Workshops, Zoom Classes, Corporate Events and Parties. Handwriting Coaching for adults and children
  2. Arabic Calligraphy - Turkish Workshop. Saved by Kareem Magdi. 338. Arab Typography Creative Typography Typography Poster Graphic Design Typography Calligraphy Tattoo Arabic Calligraphy Design Arabic Design Lettering Styles Graffiti Lettering
  3. Registration for Workshop and Classes. Quranic Kufic Script Calligraphy with Elinor Aishah Holland (September 13-17, 2021
  4. Calligraphy Workshop. Primary - Secondary, (8 - 18 year olds) Individual workshops are available during the morning for school groups to explore historic Naskh and Ruq'ah Arabic scripts from 9 - 11am. These sessions are a great introduction to calligraphy for students already secure in writing skills. More information about workshops and.
  5. Turkish,Ottoman,Arabic.Latin Calligraphy Workshops in Istanbul. 23 June 2021 24 June 2021 lesartsturcs Blog. In our Art Center located in sultanahmet and we are organising Calligraphy lessons to locals and visitors that comes to istanbul. Our calligraphy teachers are professional and experienced over 20 years in teaching
  6. Join us for a Calligraphy Workshop either at one of our beautiful venues or from the comfort of your own home. All classes are taught by London calligraphy's founder Katie Noakes. A beautifully personalised calligraphy kit is always included. IN-PERSON MODERN CALLIGRAPHY COURSE FOR BEGINNERS. Tuesday 6th July, 2021

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Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing. It is the visual expression of words and sounds. In a similar way as other traditional arts such as music, architecture and illumination, calligraphy is the expression of harmony, balance and beauty Calligraphy workshops one to one: live online with Gaynor Goffe. 1.5 hours per class. All scripts including 'modern' pointed pen calligraphy, and especially italic, one of the most ;useful and versatile calligraphic scripts, tuition suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced. You can learn a script of your choice, discussed in advance. Arabic calligraphy was originally a tool for communication, but with time, it began to be used in architecture, decoration and coin design. Its evolution into these major roles was a reflection of the early Muslims' need to avoid, as their beliefs required, figures and pictorials that were used as idols before Islam was established in the Arabian Peninsula arabic calligraphy workshop Early Arabic sources mention several calligraphic styles in reference to the cities in which they were used. They generally fit into two broad categories with some minor variations; these are the dry styles, the early predecessors of Kufic, and the moist styles, the early predecessors of the cursive family

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  1. As part of visiting professor Deniz Karakas' ARHS 3912 Islamic Art course, the artist, Munther Yousef, will be running an Arabic Calligraphy Workshop to give the participants the unique opportunity to try their hands at writing in Arabic script and discover this beautiful art form
  2. Workshop: Classical Arabic Calligraphy with Imam Mohamad Jebara. Sunday, May 27 afternoon from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. (free public admission / exhibit art for sale) 464 Metcalfe Street (at Catherine St., closest parking at the Museum of Nature) Please make your reservation with the online form below. Calligraphy workshop
  3. Arabic Calligraphy Workshop. Suggested Donation: $ 30.00. Donation Amount ( $ ) * How many Students? 0 $ * Student 1 Name $ * Student 1 Age $ * Student 2 Name $ * Student 2 Age $ * Student 3 Name $ * Student 3 Age $ Email Address $ Phone Number $ Donate. More Information; Follow Us. Facebook: Twitter: Youtube
  4. Main objectives of this workshop. To Reflect upon the beauty of Arabic calligraphy, typography and type-design. To be introduced to the techniques of combining Arabic calligraphy, typography and type-design with art and design. Define the usages of Arabic Calligraphy as a contemporary art form
  5. Learn the techniques of the arabic calligraphy with Alliance Française Abu Dhabi! On Thursday, March 28th from 3.30pm to 5pm, we organize a special workshop in our premises. Register in advance, before 27/03 at Alliance Française. Price: 30 AED. Info: 02 61 22 900 - WhatsApp +971 55 666 8901 - [email protected
  6. The Graphic Design Department announces that they will be hosting 2 workshops in ِArabic Calligraphy for students presented by the Trainer Bayan Barbood The first workshop will be on Monday 20th of April and Tuesday 21st of April from 8:30 until 11:30 A

Calligrapher Elinor Holand accepted my invitation to give a workshop on Arabic script calligraphy. We, our summer students of Beginner Arabic I as well as our guests from the Yale community learned a lot, experienced a lot and of course appreciated the opportunity. Here are some highlights Arabic Calligraphy Workshop Join us for a Hands-on introduction workshop to Arabic calligraphy and different kinds of Arabic scripts with traditional bamboo or reed pen and ink, and an introduction on the history of Islamic calligraphy, and the aesthetic values of words in Islamic art. The workshop will be facilitated by Zahed Koubayssi For more information feel free to contact us at 715..

With over 1,400 years of history, khat, an Arabic term that dictates the manifestation of lines, is represented in the art of Arabic calligraphy that emerged around the same time as Islam.This workshop offers participants insight into this beautiful art form through different visual styles of script, which reflect the various practices and historical evolution of the form 1/ Find your class(es) in the Calendar 2/ Use the Booking Form 3/ I will confirm by mail the availability and explain how to proceed to the payment 4/ Once payment is made, I will send you the link to connect (Online class) or a booking confirmation for a physical workshop The instructor will guide the participants by creating beautiful Arabic calligraphy with acrylics, fluids, inks, and other mixed media techniques. About Us. Photo Gallery. About Us. Photo Gallery. Back to All Events. The class will be conducted in English at The Workshop Dubai. Workshop Program: - Intro about Arabic Calligraphy in General, and specially Rukaa Font. - Small orientation about the different pen tools - Quick info about the Arabic Inks and how to make your own. - Various types of hand-dyed papers and industrial ones. - Quick intro about preparing yourself, posture, surroundings, angle..

The Ara Gallery is presenting an Arabic Calligraphy Workshop with Wissam Shawcat, in collaboration with the Dubai Calligrap... Article by Oasis Magazine. 483. Font Art Islamic Art Calligraphy Typography Art Islamic Art Letter Art Pattern Art Calligraphy Workshop Art Caligraphy Art To learn Arabic calligraphy, you don't have to speak Arabic. You can work with khatt , and in fact this script is used for a number of languages, including Persian and Urdu. But you do need a certain intimacy with the letters, so in this first tutorial, before starting to learn calligraphy or beautiful writing, we need to learn writing itself Arabic Islamic Calligraphy Art Subhan Allah سبحان الله Islamic Art Calligraphy Arabic Calligraphy Painting Islamic Calligraphy Painting . Items Similar To Arabic Calligraphy Acrylic Painting 16×40 On Etsy Caligraphy Art Acrylic Painting Painting . Bismillah Ir Rahman Ir Raheem Pink Blue And Gold Arabic Islamic Calligraphy Decoratio. The workshop will be about an introduction to Arabic calligraphy such as what is Arabic calligraphy, the history of Arabic calligraphy, and the types of Arabic calligraphy. تهدف هذه الورشة إلى تقديم نبذة مختصرة عن فن الخط العربي و التعريف بتاريخه و أنواعه (ممكن أيضاً.

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RIYADH: Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Culture is to run Arabic calligraphy workshops as the Kingdom continues to celebrate the art form. The workshops will begin on March 28 and are being organized. This workshop is designed to help kids learn Arabic calligraphy at beginners level. It will include 6 video lessons starting September 9. One lesson per week. Certificates will be given to the participants on successful completion of all lectures. The registration is Closed. Thank you for your interest! Follow us o Persian and Arabic Calligraphy: I am available for workshops on Arabic and Persian calligraphy, including presentation on the historic and contemporary significance of the Arabic script worldwide, an introduction to the major calligraphic styles, and hands-on calligraphy instruction at the introductory, intermediate or advanced level This workshop aims to enable the students to script and design their own Arabic Calligraphic artwork, using three styles of classical Arabic Calligraphy: Naskh, Thuluth, and Diwani calligraphic scripts, in addition to the Hurufiya as a modern calligraphy style Further, a practice session within the workshop will demonstrate the formation of some Asmaa' Allah al-Husnaa and the sacred names of Panjatan Paak AS. This will facilitate practice of the calligraphy skills needed to create one's own tazyeen for Ashara Mubaraka 1443 H. Material List: Graphy Copy Calligraphy pen or marker Size: 2.0 & 3.0 m

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  1. Arabic Calligraphy Workshop Join for a Hands-on introduction workshop to Arabic calligraphy and different kinds of Arabic scripts with traditional bamboo or reed pen and ink, and an introduction on the history of Islamic calligraphy, and the aesthetic values of words in Islamic art. For more information feel free to contact us +961 71 51541
  2. Kufic calligraphy for children. 12 - 14 year olds, 27-July, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm. Many Qur'ans are written in Kufic calligraphy which is characterised by its bold and vertical letters and comes is several types. On this workshop the participants will learn about the history of the Kufic script, and then they will Design a painting in kufic script
  3. Arabic calligraphy. This is a unique opportunity for students and adults to learn about the history and different styles of Arabic calligraphy. The session included digital slides of masterpieces in Arabic scripted calligraphy, a demonstration on preparing the materials and a practical session where students produce their own work using design.
  4. Marilyn. Laura Hooper Calligraphy workshops are nothing short of exceptional! The instruction is given by Laura Hooper herself, as well as her sister, Alyssa. Having two instructors in the class allows for 1:1 guidance and support to all participants - using the professional high-quality tools Laura uses for her own professional operations
  5. Join a six-week calligraphy with Calligrapher Zubair Simab for beginner & intermediate students to learn to write each Arabic letter in the popular Thuluth writing style and to prep pen, paper, and ink. You will learn the: Understanding of pen, paper and ink. Preparing the pen. Technically analyzing alphabet letters in Thuluth styl

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Okasha Sahil has mastered skills both in English and Arabic Calligraphy. After learning both styles from expert teachers, he himself has now become a successful trainer of many students learning around the globe. Since the last 8 years, he is serving calligraphy by successfully completely numerous projects, workshops, classes and online sessions FRIENDS OF CALLIGRAPHY WORKSHOPS . Adventure with the Pointed Pen An Vanhentenrijk (download the pdf flyer) October 8, 9 & 10, 2021 10:00 am to 12:00 pm PDT This is an online workshop via Zoom Cost: $60 The class is limited to 30 FOC members Complete registration instructions are in the PDF flye Arabic Calligraphy Workshop. Tue, 04/28/2015. 2015-Fall-Plitical-Thought. Tue, 04/28/2015. Bulldog-Gallery-2015. Tue, 04/28/2015. Kamal Boullata, Fi-l Bidaya Kan-al-Kalima (In the Beginning was The Word) 1983, Silkscreen, edition 1 of 10, 58 x 58 cm Image courtesy of Barjeel Art Foundation, Sharjah. Photographed by Capital

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Arabic calligraphy: Ancient craft, modern art. The art of Arabic calligraphy has been enhanced and developed over the course of a millennia. It has written the word of God, helped preserve human. Amman, Arabic Typography, Art, Contemporary Arabic Calligraphy, Design, education, experience, Kufi, workshop. Leave a comment. My new workshop will start this Saturday, sign up now if you are obsessed with the divine aesthetics of Arabic Calligraphy and the Square Kufic mystical abstraction! January 28, 2016 January 29, 2016 by ALAZAAT Workshop in Paris Sept.2020 I'll be back #workshop #learning #joy #happiness #sharing #passion #Paris #France #partage #connectingpeople #illbeback #caligrafia #caligrafiaarabe #Kalligraphie #arabischeKalligraphie #kalligrafi #arabiskkalligrafi #schoonschrift #tatuaje #tatovering #Tätowierung #tatoeëren #arabic #arabiccalligraphy #calligraphy #moderncalligraphy #calligraphydesign #. Arabic Calligraphy Services was found in 1999, as a high quality provider of Arabic Calligraphy Styles,You will learn Arabic script professionally. Skip to content +1-510-332-0342 info@arabic-calligraphy.com USA : 24411 Anna St., Hayward , CA 9454

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In 2013, I completed my book Learn to Write Arabic Calligraphy, one of the first books written in the English language teaching students Arabic Calligraphy at such a degree of comprehensiveness. Today, I spend my time spreading the passion for the art by holding Arabic calligraphy workshops for both children and adults across Ontario Calligraphy began to raised up into an art in its own right during the classical age of the Arabic world, in the 9th and 10th centuries. There are a wealth of styles in Arabic calligraphy, from the classic Thuluth and the much-used Naskh to sweeping, elegant Eastern styles such as Nastaliq and Diwani, and the bold, graphic shapes of western.

Currently all of my calligraphy workshops are based in the UK - particularly in the Midlands. You can learn in Leicester, Nottingham, Birmingham, Lincoln, Newark, Northampton and Market Harborough. I also have residential courses at Denman College in Oxfordshire. My workshops and classes are great whether you are a beginner or more experienced Taj Alhorouf is a platform to teach Arabic calligraphy art, improve handwriting for all levels and ages, we teach calligraphy decoration. Also, we provide courses in Arabic language for all levels and for special purposes. We organize cultural and voluntary activities, we manage touristic trips, and Moroccan culture

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Arabic calligraphy can be found in buildings and architectural landscapes across Doha, and Minaretein (the Education City Mosque) stands as one of the city's most stunning works of Arabic calligraphy by Iraqi artist Taha Al Hiti. Minaretein, at Qatar Foundation, is also where workshops on Arabic calligraphy are hosted Arabic Calligrapher is a 2D vector graphics design enviroment. It is oriented for Arabic calligraphy and Islamic Art work production. By its special calligraphic system technology and available shapes library, it is a complete designer workshop Welcome to Calligraphy UAE. A Young Team of Artists and Calligrapher in Dubai- United Arab Emirates. That is full of passion to deliver to the highest standards, undeterred by the scale and size of challenges. We focus on innovative ideas that positively influence and shape the success of a Brand & Business. We think of the most effective ways. Courses are conceptualized and planned comprehensively, covering all the different skills needed to master the Arabic Language. There are writing, reading and speaking courses as well as others which will provide more immersive learning such as calligraphy, quranic, cooking, music and many more 1. Arabic calligraphy 2. Calligraphic painting on canvas, board, paper, etc 3. Logo design , specialising in Arabic logotypes. 4. Digital Arabic art for print on canvas or any other printable item. 5. Writing names or any other Quranic verses or quotes / hadeeths / duas for use in jewellery design, wood or metal cut products etc. 6. I do not.

Surah Yaseen | Yaseen, Arabic calligraphy, CalligraphyA Beginner's Guide to Arabic Calligraphy Learning and CoursesCalligraphy Lessons & Workshops In Istanbul,TurkishMajestic Examples of Arabic Typography and CalligraphyNew Islamic Art Spring Course at the PSTA | Ayesha Gamiet