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Haemanthus albiflos has a wide, mainly coastal distribution stretching from the southern Cape through many parts of the Eastern Cape, right up to the northern parts of KwaZulu-Natal. Unlike most other Haemanthus species, which prefer full sun, H.albiflos almost always occurs in shady habitat in forest and bushveld vegetation. Haemanthus is a most interesting, endemic southern Africa genus. Haemanthus albiflos growing methods 1. The soil. Haemanthus albiflos grows best in loose, fertile, well-drained, slightly acidic sandy loam, preferably a mixture of leaf rot, peat, and river sand.This facilitates the mobility of air and permeability of water into the soil layer, which facilitates the growth of Haemanthus albiflos.. 2. Light. Haemanthus Albiflos needs good light, but keep it. Water Moderate These plants will need some extra watering compared to water-wise plants. Plant them together, in at least some shade and in a convenient proximity to the house so that grey water can be utilised during times of drought. Specific Information: Haemanthus albiflos. Haemanthus virescens var. albiflos, Herbert, 1837. This member of the Amaryllidaceae family was described by Nicolaus Joseph von Jacquin in 1797. It is found on the eastern coast of South Africa, growing in well-drained soil with some water and little sun Haemanthus albiflos, commonly known as Paint Brush, is an evergreen to semi-evergreen bulbous plant native to South Africa.It has a wide, mainly coastal distribution stretching from the southern Cape through many parts of the Eastern Cape, right up to the northern parts of KwaZulu-Natal

Haemanthus albiflos (Paintbrush) will reach a height of 0.3m and a spread of 0.3m after 2-5 years. Plant bulbs so that they are just popping through the compost. Use loam-based compost and position in good light indoors. Apply a liquid fertiliser monthly and water regularly during active growth Haemanthus albiflos has a broad appeal, it is an easy plant to grow, tolerating a wide range of growing conditions, and having a long flowering season. The compact size of the plants makes them suitable for pot culture - a 6 inch pot will easily accommodate a multi- bulbed plant Blood Lilies are great as house plants in a conservatory. Other types of Haemanthus species should be potted and placed strategically in shaded windows as the blooming period comes around. Haemanthus albiflos in particular can thrive under sunny conditions all year long, and are hardy enough to grow outside in summertime

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Haemanthus albiflos is an evergreen to semi-evergreen, bulbous plant up to 12 inches (30 cm) tall when in flower. The thickset, succulent, strap-like leaves vary in color from light to dark grayish-green and often have a lovely rosy-pink glow and a layer of fine, yellow dots, especially when young. They are up to 16 inches (40 cm) long and up. Haemanthus: Care Of Varieties Albiflos, Scadoxus Katherinae, Multiflorus. The monocotyledonous plant Haemanthus is the representative of the Amarillisovye family. In nature, it can be met in the territory of South America. This sort unites more than 40 different types. To Rod the name Haemanthus was given by Pitton de Tournefor, it is connected. Haemanthus albiflos. The most widely grown evergreen species in the genus, Haemanthus albiflos with its white flowers and glossy green foliage is drought tolerant and easy care. Flowering in late summer to winter it grows well in a humus rich well drained soil this is a Haemanthus species will flower in shade Haemanthus White Pack of 1. Haemanthus White (Haemanthus albiflos), also known as white Paintbrush Lily, is a truly water wise plant with creamy white paint-brush like flowers that emerge between February - April.. Two huge leaves generally appear from April on after flowering then die down from October and the bulb lies dormant during Summer

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De Haemanthus albiflos is een makkelijk te onderhouden, maar zeldzame sierplant, die in Midden-Europa meestal als kamerplant wordt gehouden. De planten zijn weinig gevoelig voor plagen en ziekten, ze kunnen echter niet tegen vorst, aanhoudend te veel water of direct zonlicht. Een goede plek voor de plant is een warme en schaduwrijke plaats. Haemanthus albiflos ( white paintbrush lily) is a species of flowering plant in the family Amaryllidaceae, native to South Africa. It is an evergreen bulbous perennialgeophyte, prized horticulturally for its unusual appearance and extreme tolerance of neglect. H. albiflos is the only Haemanthus species found in both winter and summer rainfall. Irrigation : Medium Water Needs Winter Hardiness: 25-30° F Haemanthus albiflos (Dappled snowbrush) - Evergreen to semi-evergreen bulbous plant with broad, rough-edged 12 to 18 long leaves that lie over flat to the ground - it produces two leaves held opposite each other every year and can have multiple years of leaves present In China Haemanthus albiflos are often seen cultivated in pots. People call it hu er lan, tiger-ear, whose name may be taken from the form of the bloom. But sometimes when not in bloom, it is sometimes mistakenly regarded as an amaryllis

Haemanthus Care and growing conditions. Haemanthus are best grown in a pot, but are worth a try in the rock garden, a free draining potting mix is best and try not to over water. During dormancy do not water haemanthus at all. H. albiflos, is probably the easiest to grow followed by H. coccineus. Haemanthus coccineus flower. Haemanthus species. Haemanthus albiflos pochází z jižního a východního Kaa, a patří k k trojici neopadavých zástupců vcelku početného rodu, čítajícího asi šedesát druhů. Také v domovině roste na přistíněných stanovištích a nachází využití i v africké lidové medicíně, především v boji proti kašli Haemanthus albiflos. DESCRIPTION. An evergreen, low-growing bulb with strappy, dark green leaves. The striking flowers are white and borne in small tufted heads. Water moderately. MAINTENANCE Low maintenance. LANDSCAPING USES Excellent for adding interest to a shady rockery area. It also looks stunning when planted in a container in a shady. While you can safely place blood lilies (Haemanthus albiflos) in a conservatory as house plants, other Haemanthus species need to be potted and kept in shaded windows, depending on the blooming period. Blood lilies can thrive all year long under sunny conditions and flourish outdoors during the summers

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Haemanthus albiflos This easy species likes light shade and will take more water than many of the species. Winter flowering and summer dormant (when it goes yellow above ground and loses its leaves). Haemanthus albiflos. Haemanthus unifoliatus Haemanthus amarylloides polyanthos Haemanthus albiflos New Division 4.5 Haemanthus albiflos New Division 4.5 SKU: $54.99. $54.99. Unavailable per item Wonderful evergreen Amaryllis relative with fantastic bottlebrush yellow-tipped white flowers standing above the foliage. Watering:Seasonal Specifics. Indoor/Outdoor:Indoor. Features:Flowering, Fast Growing. Growth Habit. The Haemanthus albiflos, or Powder brush, is a bulbous plant which has a white flower with a large number of yellow stamens 'Which together resemble a brush'. The Haemanthus albiflos is related to the Amaryllis Haemanthus albiflos 10cm. appartenente alla famiglia Amaryllidaceae. Origine: Amaryllidaceae. Disponibile su giromagi.com. for example formed by a mixture of peat and pumice so that the water does not stagnate. They do not need frequent fertilization, it is sufficient to dilute the fertilizer with watering once a year. Customer Care

Haemanthus Haemanthus, a member of the Amaryllidaceae family, is an entirely southern African genus of 22 species of bulbous plants that are endemic to South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland. The genus takes its name from the Greek words haima meaning blood, and anthos meaning flower, and is a reference to the reddish flowers of H. coccineus and H. sanguineus, two of the first-described. Haemanthus albiflos. $14.88. or Best Offer. +$7.11 shipping. Watch. S A p o K n 4 s N o 7 F r V K e 0 d Z 6. Haemanthus albiflos - Awesome bulb - great flower! Heat Pack / Priority INCLUDED. $20.00 Haemanthus Het geslacht Haemanthus omvat 21 soor-ten (Snijman, 1984). Hiervan groeien er 15 in het winterregengebied, vijf in het zomer-regengebied en één in de tussenliggende zone waarin jaarrond regen valt (of beter: kan vallen). Het zal niemand verwonde-ren, dat in dit laatste gebied H. albiflos groeit; de enige groenblijvende plant va Haemanthus albiflos is a very variable plant. The oblong leaves vary in colour from pale to dark green or greyish-green and are usually smooth and sometimes shiny. The upper half of the bulb is usually exposed above ground and is bright green. The flowers that are normally white, are followed by red berries that is relished by birds Haemanthus albiflos. White Paint Brush . They can be given a deep drenching at least once or twice per week but reduce watering in winter to about once every two weeks. They are very tolerant of under-watering. Propagation . They can be grown from either seed or offsets, but the latter is the most commonly used and effective method..

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  2. Haemanthus albiflos blooms in the fall/early winter for me. It should bloom a little earlier for you since you get colder earlier. They do like being in bright shade. They aren't going to do much between now and Sept.-Oct. This is one of only a few evergreen Haemanthus
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  4. DaisyI. Dec 25, 2017 1:41 AM CST. i've had a pot of these for more than 40 years and have never lived where they can grow outside. They aren't difficult to grow. They like shade. I water on the same schedule as my succulents (because its sitting below a Rhipsalis and doesn't have its own waterer). So more water in summer and less often in winter
  5. Haemanthus deformis has a limited distribution in the northeastern parts of the Eastern Cape (in the former Transkei ) and in the coastal and Midland areas of KwaZulu-Natal. It grows in moist, shaded conditions amongst bushy undergrowth or between rocks on shady slopes. As it is an evergreen plant, it likes moisture throughout the year, especially in summer, but less during the winter months
  6. Abstract Haemanthus albiflos (Amaryllidaceae) is a monocotyledonous plant with high ornamental value. To increase the ornamental value of this species, polyploidy breeding was programmed in this study by employing endosperm culture for producing triploid plants. Further, we tried to produce hexaploid plant by colchicine treatment to endosperm-derived callus. As an initial step, endosperm.

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Haemanthus albiflos is the best known of the three evergreen species of Haemanthus and with its handsome leaves, Water well with a fine rose and place the trays in a shaded position protected from heavy rain, and keep moist by watering well once every two weeks. Germination can take several months, so be patient Find the perfect haemanthus albiflos stock photo. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. No need to register, buy now An overview of the Haemanthus species Haemanthus are a small part of the Amaryllidaceae family, and consist of 22 species widespread throughout South Africa. Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland Haemanthus albiflos is a flowering plant native to South Africa and Namibia. A member of the family Amaryllidaceae, it is an evergreen bulbous perennial with unusual flowers that give it the common name of paintbrush. Tolerance for indirect sunlight and neglect has made this a popular houseplant in countries where it would not survive the.

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Took some time but finally tracked your plant down. Your plant is called Haemanthus albiflos. Great looking plant! The upper half of the bulb is usually exposed and bright green. Since it produces a pair of leaves once a year and is evergreen, the plant may have up to three pairs of leaves Haemanthus albiflos is a geophyte endemic to South Africa, from Cape Province to KwaZulu-Natal. There, it can be found in shaded forests and rocky coastal areas, tucked into cliff faces, and in mountainous areas further inland. Haemanthus albiflos is commonly known as paintbrush plant, shaving-brush plant, elephant's ear and elephant's tongue Haemanthus is an unusual flowering bulb well known for their compact, brush-like flower heads. Individual species may be Summer growing, Winter growing or evergreen. Usually, the flowers are produced before the leaves, except in the evergreen species where leaves are present during the blooming period. The flowers can be either white, pink or red Haemanthus albiflos This is probably the most common species of Haemanthus in cultivation. It is small enough for a windowsill, with bulbs reaching about two inches in diameter and with wide leaves two to six inches long. it seems to tolerate frequent watering and generous feeding. Haemanthus pauculifolius The newest species of Haemanthus. Haemanthus albiflos. Common problems with Pink Paint Brush. This is a water-wise species as it requires very little amounts of water in its growth phase and becomes dormant during hot summer months. Pot plant. Great for any large pot in any shady dappled spot of the garden

species, H. albiflos from the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal, H. deformis, and H. pauculifolius from the Mpumalanga Escarpment. H. coccineus is without doubt the most recognizable member of the genus to residents of the Western Cape, with H. sanguineus a close second; both are widely known as April fool lilies here, for their tendency to bloom around 1 April following early autumn rains haemanthus albiflos Powder Puff Royal Paint Brush White Blood Lily south african cape flora flower flowers flowering RM Floral Close up macro shot of the flower head of a blood lily (Haemanthus multiflorus) also known as the blood lily. Paintbrush plant, or Paintbrush Lily, Haemanthus albiflos, a succulent bulb from South Africa (in cultivation. Naturally, Haemanthus albiflos grows in dappled shade in woodlands, forests and thickets, and occurs along the southern and eastern coastal belts of South Africa. In our garden it grows in the shade of trees and shrubs, and we just leave it to its own devices and it flowers reliably every year Description. Haemanthus albiflos is a hardy, evergreen, shade-loving, bulbous plant with mainly broad, glossy, green, strap-like leaves, although they are very variable and can sometimes be hairy. The upper half of the bulb is bright-green and is exposed above ground. The beautiful 'paintbrush'-type inflorescence is borne from April to September Haemanthus albiflos is a flowering plant native to South Africa and Namibia. A member of the family Amaryllidaceae, it is an evergreen bulbous perennial with unusual flowers that give it the common name of paintbrush.Tolerance for indirect sunlight and neglect has made this a popular houseplant in countries where it would not survive the winter climate

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Pagina 1 van circa 464.000 resultaten voor poederkwast plant verzorging - 0.013 sec Haemanthus . Blood Lilies The Blood Lily group of bulbous plants from South Africa are a wonderful addition to a garden.The different species flower at different times through the year and the one giving a great display now is Haemanthus (Scadoxus) katherinae.. Starting to appear in late spring the leaves and flowers tend to develop together with the flower stalk starting to form near ground.

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  1. g out of the ground with no leaves. Bulbs need to be mature to flower
  2. Haemanthus albiflos is a low growing, evergreen plant that produces white paint brush like flowers. It is both heat and drought tolerant and prefers a position in part-shade. It does not like direct full sun. It is unusual enough to be sought after by bulb collectors, but tough enough that it can be grown easily in your back yard or as a.
  3. Growth will be faster and it will divide quicker if it gets the occasional watering. TWO WHITE PAINTBRUSH LILY HAEMANTHUS ALBIFLOS PLANTS FLOWERING SIZE | eBay A cute, novel and hardy addition to any garden
  4. Description: Scadoxus multiflorus (Martyn)Raf. (formerly Haemanthus multiflorus Martyn) is a popular deciduous, geophyte, bulb variable in height (15 to 120 cm). The purple- spotted inflorescence stalk is up to 40 cm high and bears an Allium-like spherical head, up to 15 cm diameter with numeros starry red threadlike flowers
  5. Kan iemand van de kenners iets vertellen over de verzorging en bloeitijd van de Haemanthus albiflos. Vorig jaar een bloeiende plant gekocht na de bloei is de plant in rust gegaan. In het voorjaar heb ik de plant verpot ze groeit langzaam maar ziet er verder goed uit. Zijn er misschien tips om de plant in bloei te krijgen? Linde
  6. Haemanthus albiflos - paint brush plant Paint Brush Plant - haemanthus albiflos Haemanthus albiflos is the best known of the three evergreen species of Haemanthus and with its handsome leaves, long flowering season and red berries is an excellent choice for shady spots in the garden
  7. Haemanthus albiflos (2009). By Ann Grace (March 2009). Haemanthus albiflos is a winter-flowering bulb found in cool, shady dells along the coast of South Africa's Eastern Province and northward into Kwazulu-natal. It grows in both winter and summer rainfall regions and has the very desirable trait of retaining its foliage throughout the year

Haemanthus coccineus may be found growing in large groups, small clumps or as solitary plants. Ad Break. Flowers. Description. a flower head comprising of 6-9 stiff, spathe valves surrounding 25-100 tiny flowers, on a fleshy stem which may be reddish, or blotched, streaked or spotted with red markings, or occasionally unmarked Sep 25, 2015 - Members of the genus are known as blood lily and paintbrush lily. There are some 22 known species, native to South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland. About 15 species occur in the winter rainfall region of Namaqualand and the Western Cape, the remainder being found in the summer rainfall region, with one species Haemanthus albiflos occurring in both regions De Haemanthus albiflos plant is geschikt voor binnen. Tijdens de rustperiode moet de bol droog gehouden worden; wanneer de groei begint moet er water gegeven worden. Zet de plant niet in de volle zon. Als standplaats is 'halfschaduw' aanbevolen  Haemanthus albiflos, also called paint brush is native to the coastal regions of South Africa and grows up to 25 cm high when in flower. Haemanthus albiflos has a long flowering period from autumn to winter. The flower head is compact, usually about 3 - 5 cm wide, and consists of numerous erect, narrow white flowers, enclosed by several broad, greenish-white bracts

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Haemanthus albiflos Haemanthus is a Southern African genus of plants that flower in Amaryllidaceae Members of the genus are known as blood lily and paintbrush lily. There are some 22 known species, native to S. Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland Epidermal cells of both young Haemanthus albiflos leaves and Ornithogalum umbellatum ovaries were used.. Electron microscopy. Epidermal sections of young H. albiflos leaves were treated as follows: (1) they were preincubated in 10 μM taxol in water at room temperature (RT) for 2 h and then fixed in the mixture of 1% OsO 4 and 2.5% glutaraldehyde in 0.1 M cacodylate buffer (pH 7.2) for 2 h; or. Haemanthus albiflos : Haemanthus albiflos is an evergreen. The upper half of the bulb is usually exposed and bright green. It produces a pair of leaves once a year. The plant may have up to three pairs of leaves Haemanthus albiflos An African succulent with wonderful, fringed, strap leaves and large bottlebrush type flowers. A great, easy to grow, houseplant with longlasting flowers which often produce bright orange-red berries In August 2003 we observed Haemanthus albiflos that looked virused at Kirstenbosch (at least most of us thought it looked that way). There were a number of plants growing together and they didn't all look virused. Later in our trip we saw a population of Haemanthus in the wild with leaves that also looked virused

Haemanthus albiflos C100: Globuli: Haemanthus albiflos C200: Globuli: LM HAB 2018: Haemanthus albiflos LM1: Dilution: More Information. New homeopathic remedies. Remedia Homeopathy is constantly working on expanding the range of homeopathic remedies.. In room culture, however, the species is mainly grown white-flowered hemantus (Haemanthus albiflos), which is otherwise called elephant's ear or deer tongue. Planting and caring for hemantus. Bloom: in July-August. Lighting: bright sunlight, bright diffused light, partial shade. Temperature: 18-22 ºC. Watering: during active growth - as the. The use of a simple alcohol-water solvent and the preparation of a freeze dried product, easily soluble in water, enabled us to demonstrate the antiviral properties of the plant. This study has shown that the bulb extract of Haemanthus albiflos acts primarily on viral RNA synthesis

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The evergreen Haemanthus albiflos is widespread and amazingly adaptive and versatile in its habitat. It's particularly desirable, easy to grow and suitable as ground cover in areas of semi-shade. Summer rainfall species are more tolerant of watering and shouldn't be allowed to dry out completely in their dormant phase. Evergreen species. H albiflos is the only species that multiplies by offsets, the others are propagated by bulb and leaf cuttings, and seed from which flowering-sized bulbs are obtained in three to four years. Very few Haemanthus species are actually in cultivation, although they have horticultural potential due to the nature o

A form of Haemanthus albiflos also occurs almost on the beach near East London in the Eastern Cape, albiflos and humilis both have very wide habitat distribution. We have also seen Veltheimia capensis growing in pure sand in full sun on the West Coast and another form growing under bushes in the shade in rocky areas in humus rich soil in the. The embryos of Ammocharis coranica, Brunsvigia grandiflora and Haemanthus albiflos were initially at water contents (WCs, dry mass basis) of 3.28±0.52, 2.55±0.22, 4.48±0.92 g g-1, respectively, after harvest. These embryos proved to be tolerant to moderately rapid wate In the cells of Haemanthus albiflos leaf epidermis there are structures containing lipids analogous to elaioplasts (Wakker in Jahrb F Wiss Bot 19:423-496, 1888). Ultrastructural analysis has shown that they are cytoplasmic domains - lipotubuloids, since they exhibit all the features of Ornithogalum umbellatum lipotubuloids. They are composed of numerous lipid bodies surrounded by.

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Haemanthus coccineus ex Lüderitz This is a prostrate leaf form of what we have decided as H. coccineus from Namibia. It looks a little bleached out, most likely due to the paper bag that we put on top of it for controlled pollination Haemanthus coccineus are a South African bulb and require a well drained soil. Dry summers are a must. When the plant begins to put on leaf growth it is time to water and fertilize. Water every 2 - 3 weeks depending on conditions and soil moisture

The meaning of the word succulent comes from the Latin word sucus , it means sap or juice. Succulent plants are considered to be a great indoor plant due to the minimum effort it takes to keep the plants happy. One of the reasons why the succulent plant survives the dry indoor environment is due to the plant's capability to adopt Water extracts of Haemanthus albiflos Jacq, Ruta graveolens L, A. ferox, C. flanaganii and Clausena anisata (Willd.) Hook.f. ex Benth had a significantly high inhibitory activity against COX-2 enzyme with IC 50 values ranging from 4.23 to 6.89 μg/mL. Furthermore, acetone extracts of Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum (L.) Hayek, P. lanceolata and A Amaryllidaceae (Pham et a l., 2010; Wylie and Jones, 2012). NeLV has been detected in the blood lily plant ( Haemanthus multiflorus) by serological and molecular identification in Taiwan (Chen et al., 2011), and it has also been identified in Haemanthus albiflos in the UK (Monger and Eden, 2019) These red Haemanthus albiflos fruits were photographed in October in the shade of a wooded kloof in the Rooiberg in the southern Cape. They follow the white flowers that were seen in May. The more or less spherical fruits turn pink or red from green as they ripen. The whitish, striped bracts that subtended the flowerhead earlier are still in position below the fruit cluster. The oval seeds. South African succulent bulbous plant Haemanthus albiflos. Common name either 'Paint brush plant' or 'Elephant's ear'. Drought tolerant, care needed in winter so do not water at all. I water no more than two/three times in a year with the pot fully immersed and then thoroughly drained off followed by half strength Tomato feed

Haemanthus albiflos, December 2020 POM Like autumn being late this year in Chico, some plants vary their bloom time year to year, or season to season, but here's a plant that is *always* in bloom in December: Haemanthus albiflos The globose green fruits of Haemanthus albiflos that appear from late spring to early summer after the autumn flower dies away, are fleshy and aromatic berries that will change colour as they ripen. Some spent flower remains still cling to the fruits in picture. The green lines on the whitish bract surfaces below the fruits are clearly displayed. Or is it white lines on green, similar to the.

But some evergreens, such as the Haemanthus albiflos, keeping the old ones, takes the liberty to have 4 or 6 of them. The inflorescences of this species, with the candid bracts which contrast with the yellow colour of stamens, look like brushes just dipped in a golden paint, and stand out, like jewels, among the shade of the under wood The term Haemanthus means blood flower in botanical books. The Blood Lily, or the Haemanthus albiflos of the evergreen variety, characterized by a broad, colorful foliage shaped like a tongue and large, egg-shaped bulbs. Don't let the fearsome name fool you 6 inch Haemanthus albiflos Dappled snowbrush Get an amazing evergreen bulb with crazy huge winter-growing blooms Plant in groups under trees or in containers. Plant in well-drained soil in a shady location and water regularly. Frost hardy into the mid 20s F. This plant, from Walter Rosenthal, is a white Haemanthus that is different from Haemanthus albiflos with broader and flatter leaves that are blue green and have ciliate margins

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Key words: Calcium - Pectins - Stigma - Petunia hybrida Hort.- Haemanthus albiflos L. Introduction Stigma is the natural environment of pollen grain hydra-tion and germination. The surface of the stigma is divided into wet and dry [9]. Mature stigma of the wet type is covered by an exudate in which various propor Haemanthus albiflos. This plant is so easy to grow. I use regular potting soil (Sta-Green potting mix or Sta-Green Flower and Vegetable Garden Soil from Lowes) and add extra perlite. You're buying all the plants in the pot

Sep 29, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Johan Roux. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Définitions de haemanthus albiflos, synonymes, antonymes, dérivés de haemanthus albiflos, dictionnaire analogique de haemanthus albiflos (anglais

The Water Stick bloomed!!!!! it's its second bloom in 30 years and experts say it only blooms 2 or 3 times in its life, its flowers are of a very strong scent perfume the whole house. Her botanical name is Dracena Fragans also known as Trunk of Brazil and Plant of Happiness. Giving away as a lucky symbol De poejerbustel of pólverbustel (Haemanthus albiflos) is 'n bleujendje plantj oet 't geslech bloodblome en behuuertj toete paosbloomfemielje (Amaryllidaceae).De botanische naam verwies nao de witte blome vanne saort. 't Netuurlik verspreijingsgebied vanne saort is Zuud-Afrika op 'n huuegdje van 100 toet 800 m baove zieëspegel. De plantje staon dao in kluten in hieël losse, meh neet gans.

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