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  1. The EMD;Electro Motive Division, GP38-2 is a 2,000hp four-axle diesel locomotive which was built from 1972 to 1986. It is an upgrade of the original GP38, and has more features like with every other EMD Dash 2 series locomotive has. There were 2213 GP38-2s built, and many still exist and are still currently in service. 1 History 2 Variants 3 Identification 4 Trivia 5 Fun Fact 6 Gallery The.
  2. GP38-2 2000 HP Diesel-Electric General Purpose Locomotive. AAR Designation (B-B), Common designation (0440). The general arrangement of the locomotive is shown on Elevation and Floor Plan Drawing attached. The locomotive consists of one unit complete with engine, generator, trucks and all necessary accessories for single unit operation, with a.
  3. GP38-2 Locomotives. HP-Trainz introduces a new generation of locomotives for Trainz. We have incorporated the experiences of 12 years content creation for Trainz into the development. Besides the excellent appearance of the models we have focused our attention to an enhanced functionality of the locomotives. Choosing the functions we wanted to.
  4. GP38-2 Total Length: 59'-02 Wheel Diameter: 40 Truck Wheel Base: 9'-00 Height to Top Engine Hood: 14'-06 Height to Top Cab : 15'-04 Cab Width: 10'-04.5 Engine Hood Width: 10'-03 Top of Walkway: 9'-04.5 Walkway Width: 3'-08.5 Center Bolster: 34'-00 Center Front Truck to Front Pilot: 3'-06 Center Rear Tucrk to Rear Pilot: 3'-06.
  5. Fully loaded hoppers with three GP38-2 units un a Union Pacific livery hauling out of Pier 96 down to Newhall Yard. Along the way we'll have a passenger serv..
  6. Today I played through the GP38-2 tutorial from the Sand Patch Grade route. If you have any trouble, leave a comment and I will try to troubleshoot with you...
  7. Die GP38-2 ist eine Weiterentwicklung der Baureihe EMD GP38. Hierbei setzte sich bei EMD erstmals ein modularer Aufbau der Komponenten durch. EMD bot die, bald als Dash 2 (englisch für Strich 2) bezeichnete Baureihe, analog zum Vorgänger in drei Leistungsklassen an. Neben der EMD GP38-2 (1.500 kW) wurde eine mittelstarke ( EMD GP40-2, 2.250.

Welcome to this tutorial on driving the SD40-2, GP38-2 and GP40-2, featured in the Sand Patch Grade (SD40-2 & GP38-2), NEC: New York (GP38-2), Peninsula Corridor (GP38-2) and CN Oakville Subdivision (GP38-2) routes as well as the GP40-2 locomotive dlc. All images are from the GP40-2 locomotive. Any questions about this tutorial can be asked in the comments section at the bottom of the page. La EMD GP38-2 est une locomotive diesel-électrique de type « road switcher » construite par General Motors, Electro-Motive Division.Faisant partie de la série des EMD Dash 2, la GP38-2 est une version améliorée de la GP38.Elle est alimentée par un moteur EMD 645E 16-cylindres générant 1,5 MW [1].La plupart des engins construits sont encore en service du fait de leur maintenance simple. GP38-2 Locomotives. Specifications listed are for standard locomotive models. The majority of locomotives, other than switchers, in the GATX Locomotive Group fleet are equipped with dynamic braking. Contact Sam Buchholz at 312.621.6542 or sam.buchholz@gatx.com for specific equipment installed on available locomotives. Horsepower: 2,00 GP38-2. JointedRail.com > Products > Payware > Locomotive Type > EMD Locomotives. EMD GP38-2 Locomotives. Showing all 24 results. Active Filters: Clear Filters. Add to cart. EMD CSX GP38-2 YN1 (Ex-SCL) Rated 0 out of 5. Log in to Purchase $ 14.99. Add to cart. EMD CR GP38-2 (Patched). Produced from 1972 to 1986, the GP38-2 helped inaugurate Electro-Motive's Dash-2 series of locomotives and became one of EMD's all-time best sellers. With over 2200 engines sold throughout North America, rare was the railroad that did not roster these reliable, second-generation EMD workhorses

The GP38-2 is an American locomotive featured in Train Sim World's Sand Patch Grade and NEC: New York routes in CSX Transportation livery along with the Peninsula Corridor route where it is in Union Pacific livery. A Canadian National version is included in the CN Oakville Subdivision route. The Electro-Motive Geep first appeared on the North American railroad scene in 1949, in the form. GP38-2. The EMD GP38-2 is a four-axle diesel-electric locomotive of the road switcher type built by General Motors, Electro-Motive Division. Part of the EMD Dash 2 line, the GP38-2 was an upgraded version of the earlier GP38. 1,799 examples of this locomotive model were built for American railroads and industrial concerns, 257 for Canadian.

emd gp38-2は、アメリカのgm-emdが製造した4動軸のロード・スイッチャータイプの電気式 ディーゼル機関車。 dash 2シリーズの一形式であり、gp38の改良版である。 リース車両としてのgp38-2l、カナダ向けのバリエーションであるgp38-2wについても述べる Most GP38-2 locomotives were built with a low hood, although some were built in high hood variant, as portrayed in the EMD GP38-2 for Train Simulator, which comes in Norfolk Southern black and thoroughbred liveries. Also included are low gondola freight cars, NS box cars and flat cars. The locomotive is also Quick Drive compatible, giving you.

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Showing Locomotive model GP38-2. Click on a locomotive to view pictures. Roster Options: Main Roster. Group by model. Show All thumbs. All GP38-2s. CN Rolling Stock. Unit # HO GP38-2 w/DCC & Sound, ICG/Orange & White #9563 [ATHG71803] Announced June 2020 Your Price: $299.98 Due Early October HO GP38-2 w/DCC & Sound, CPR/Beaver Logo #4413 [ATHG71802 Illinois Central Photographic Roster. Reporting Marks: IC. Showing Locomotive model GP38-2. Click on a locomotive to view pictures. Roster Options: Main Roster. Group by model. Show All thumbs. All GP38-2s CSX GP38-2 YN3b (Without Dynamics) FICTIONAL LOCOMOTIVES . Reskinned by Me; credit goes to PWieser. Amtrak EP-5 Phase I. Reskinned by Me; Credit goes to Davesnow. Conrail SD70ACe. Reskinned by Me; released with permission from Mike H (t28); recommended for T:ANE+. Burlington Northern Eggliner.

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  1. Another major change for the GP38-2 was the introduction of the dash 2 modular electrical cabinet. For more than 40 years, the GP38-2 has worked main line freights, locals, switching jobs, yard service, helpers, snow fighting trains, and hump power. Many remain in service today
  2. ATL40002285. Atlas N EMD GP38-2 Low Nose, No Dynamic Brakes - Standard DC -- Union Pacific #2114 (Armour Yellow, gray; red Frame Stripe) $89.96. In Stock
  3. The EMD; Electro Motive Division, GP38 is a four-axle type of 2,000hpdiesel locomotivebuilt from 1966 to 1971. As of 2013, many of these locomotives are still running, either in their original form or rebuilt to different specifications. In total 733 units were produced, yet originals are rare due to rebuilding and upgrading. 1 History 2 Specifications 3 Related Models 4 Trivia The GP38 was.

EMD GP38-2 - HLCX. JointedRail.com > Products > Payware > Locomotive Type > EMD Locomotives > GP38-2. EMD GP38-2 - HLCX. Rated 3.80 out of 5 based on 5 customer ratings (5 customer reviews) Log in to Purchase $ 14.99. JointedRail content is currently supported ONLY in Trainz: A New Era SP4 build 105766 thru current Trainz Railroad Simulator. Athearn Genesis HO GP38-2 Burlington Northern $ 136.00 - $ 160.00 Select options Athearn Genesis HO GP38-2 Burlington Northern Pacific Pride II $ 160.00 Add to cart Athearn Genesis HO GP38-2 Burlington Northern Pacific Pride II w/ DCC & Soun The locomotive tested in this project was CSX No. 2629, a model GP38-2, manufactured in 1973 by the Electro-Motive Division (EMD) of General Motors Corporation. CSX No. 2629 shown in Figure 1, is generally classified as a road-switcher locomotive, meaning it serves as a local switcher locomotive as well as a line-haul locomotive. FIGURE 1 CHRISTMAS 2014 GP38-2 . Price: $378.89. USA R22234 CP GP38-2 . Price: $378.89. USA R22235 Like us on Facebook to keep up with the latest deals and news! Wheels, Freight Car 4 Axle Set, 1:29 Fits Aristo Craft Rolling Stock. $20.89. Patriotic - GP38-2. $378.89. GATX - GP38-2. $378.89 Call or email to pre-order. Christmas Eggliner The GP38-2 was a GP38 with more modern hardware, but it still shared the same body and 16 cylinder 645E prime mover rated at 2,000 HP. The more advanced electrical system found on the Dash 2 line greatly simplified operation and repairs to the units, on top of increasing reliability

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The First GP38-2 in HO - Model Railroad News. This late-1970s HO-scale GP38-2 decorated for Illinois Terminal (IT) may be the first time this road name appeared on a plastic ready-to-run diesel model. Life-Like's GP38-2 celebrates 40 years in 2016 and is the subject of this month's installment of From the Archive. GP38-2 Total Length: 59'-02 Wheel Diameter: 40 Truck Wheel Base: 9'-00 Height to Top Engine Hood: 14'-06 Height to Top Cab : 15'-04 Cab Width: 10'-04.5 Engine Hood Width: 10'-03 Top of Walkway: 9'-04.5 Walkway Width: 3'-08.5 Center Bolster: 34'-00 Center Front Truck to Front Pilot: 3'-06 Center Rear Tucrk to Rear Pilot: 3'-06. GP38-2 Phases. Ia: two-panel radiator grilles Ib1: one-panel radiator grilles Ib2: upper inertial intake rail Ib3: wider battery box louvers Ic: corrugated radiator grille Id: welded ECAFB. IIa1: clean cab, 88 low nose, notched stepwells, lift-off equipment doors, most have angled PAF box IIa2: no riveted batten strip on dynamic hatch IIb1. Media in category EMD GP38-2 locomotives The following 32 files are in this category, out of 32 total. Belt Line 5260 at Berkley on Nov.28, 2015 - Dave George Photo (2). The GP38, which debuted in 1966 and was built through 1971, and the later GP38-2 which was built between 1972 and 1984, followed the earlier GP30 and GP35 (which were two of EMD's first models what is commonly referred today as second-generation power, or those diesel locomotives that are clearly defined from early models with less horsepower and fewer other technological features)

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NS Model Designation = GP38-2. Horsepower = 2,000. Fuel tank Capacity = See Above Roster. Dynamic Braking = Yes. Control = Single. Cab Signals = Yes. LSL (Locomotive Speed Limiter) = Yes. All units are equipped with air conditioning. All units are equipped with an electric parking brake CR 8088 GP38-2 is paired with CR 8121 GP38-2 as it takes westbound HBBE (Harrisburg, PA to Bethlehem, PA) out of Reading yard after setting off cars, which was typical for this train. When this photo was taken in 1997, CR 8088 (former PC 8088) recently had gotten ditch lights applied to the front and rear pilot The shells are from the first run of GP38-2s. The chassis is the 2020 version. We have rebuilt these locos and are excited to be able to offer them again. Supplies are limited! SOO Line. #AZL-62510 SOO Line. • Four-axle Diesel-Electric locomotive. $ 128.75 retail ea. • $ 103.00 512.263.1953 8 GP38 Locomotives For Sale. For More Information Call 512.263.195 ATSF Kodachrome GP38-2 $ 10.95 Sold By: : RRMods; ATSF GP38-2 $ 10.95 Sold By: : RRMods; BN GP38-2. Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 10.95 Sold By: : RRMods; GTW GP38-2 Phase I

The Atlas GP38-2 prior to installation. To begin this installation, first remove the screws as highlighted above in red at each end of the locomotive and remove the couple box. With the couple boxes removed, gently grasp the shell on the sides and while pulling outward on each end, carefully lift the shell from the chassis GP38-2 BNSF #2100 The GP38-2 comes with traction tires, directional controlled LED lighting, DCC . $105.00 . Add to Wish List. GP38-2 Chicago & North Western #4604. GP38-2 Chicago & North Western #4604 The GP38-2 comes with traction tires, directional contro. $105.00. GP38-2 by Justin Cornell. A number of re-skins are available for download but they ask for his GP38. But, I cannot seem to locate at train-sim. Any idea where I might find his download for the GP38? You need the dependency package and I would recommend the BNSF, NS and SOU units

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The GP38-2 was released in two runs and Kato made significant changes between the runs. In fact, the second run was a re-designed locomotive. Because this is such an old locomotive, there is much confusion about the differences between these two runs. Hopefully, this rather extensive description will clear up that confusion 17.95. R50002. USA Trains Conductive Lubricant (2oz) 16.95. Please call 781-322-6084 or use diagram above to circle the required part (s) Fax, email or mail to us with your method of payment. Include $8.00 for shipping & handling. Fax Number: 781-321-6459. Home Locomotives Parts Page Top of page Alton & Southern GP38-2 #2000 - A&S 2000 was originally built 1/73 as MP 930, then renumbered as MP 2081 and finally as UP 2081 before going onto the A&S. The Alton & Southern was, and still is, a switching railroad in the St. Louis area once owned and operated by both MoPac and CN&W Title: GP38 Manual1-8.qxd Created Date: 7/16/2014 2:03:49 P RI GP38-2 4314 the MARTIN A. RUSSO RI GP38-2 4315 the DAVID P. MORGAN RI GP38-2 4318 the DAVID L. BOREN RI GP38-2 4329 City of Blue Island RI GP38-2 4331 ROBERT RAY RI GP38-2 4332 THE INDIANOLA RI GP38-2 4336 the City of Rock Island RI GP38-2 4340 - the Neal Smith RI GP38-2 4341 MODERN RAILROADS RI GP38-2 4351 CITY OF ALBERT LE

I have seen an earlier Life-Like GP38-2 and it is a train-set quality loco, but you seem to be talking about the P2K. Jim also says Three different long hoods are used to assemble the body shells, and many alternate parts provide the details to match a specific prototype Rated 5 out of 5. PereMarquette1225fan - May 8, 2015. Even though this High Hood GP38-2 is a freeware member in the Trainz family, this locomotive is perfect for those who want a Norfolk Southern High Hood, and is authentic with the classic P5 horn common on former Southern Railway locomotives, and sounds just like the prototype Digitrax DGTDH126D HO DCC Decoder Series 6, 6-Functions 9-Pin 1A. 4.7 out of 5 stars. 38. $19.95. $19. . 95. FREE Shipping. Ages: 14 years and up

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GP38-2 Diesel Locomotive Parts. Products (Total Items: 34 ) Sort by: More results: Previous Page 1 2 3 Next Page View All. R22-216 - GP38 MU CONNECTOR (2) (0) Your Price: $3.95 In Stock. R22-217 - GP7/9/30/38 COUPLER SPRING (0) Your Price: $2.95 Back Order.. EMD GP38-2 598 Author ID Steffan Gross (sg1) Identifier kuid:35848:12 Source www.virtual-motive-division.com: Screenshot Trainz 2006 Medium Image 500x800: Large Image 750x1200 . Railway Union Pacific Locomotive EMD GP38-2 2416 Author ID Steffan Gross (sg1). GP38 Locomotive - GP38-2 DIESEL LOCOMOTIVE 1:29 Scale Model Two Motors PowerTrac Drive System Operating Smoke Stacks Detailed Cab Interior Metal Handrails Operating Directional Headlight Rotating Roof Fans Quality Graphics Multiple Road Numbers Avai

Here is a Bachmann 61708 CSX GP38-2 #2782 locomotive. With these easy to use and affordable locomotives, you can digitally control speed, lighting, and direction. Compatible with all NMRA-compliant DCC systems. This item features a motor, plastic hand railing, plastic trucks, knuckle couplers, and metal wheels and axles Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Athearn 4610 Southern Pacific Gp38-2 Diesel Locomotive Former 4823 to 823 HO at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products If You Like What You See, And Want To See More, Please Consider Donating Through PayPal

This is a Athearn G65684 HO Canadian Pacific GP38-2 #4407. Canadian Pacific Features:. Phase II body with closely-spaced fans & corrugated grills. Operating front & rear ditch lights. Pointed anticlimber. No dynamic brakes. New body & nose with no class lights. All weather window. Large & small firecracker antennas. Nose vent. Large snowplow. Spare knuckles on rear pilot. Built out cab doors. Second issue I've had with the scenarios. This time I'm stuck at this. I've followed the process and the two dials are pointing at about 90 for the white needles and the left red one is on 140, but the right red one is on 0. Despite this (I'm sure it's the white needles that are supposed to be over 79 PSI) the scenario won't move on Zug fährt nicht an. Ich spiele seit gestern besgeistert TSW. Allerdings habe ich nun ein Problem. Ich spiele gerade auf der Map mass transit mit dem Talent2. Wenn ich nun im FahrplanModus als Fahrgast starte und dann doch einen Zug übernehme will, kann ich diesen nicht fahren. Wenn ich beschleunige, bleibt er stehen Athearn Genesis 12345 D&RGW Rio Grande F9AB #5771/5762 DC HO. MSRP: $379.98. Was: Now: $323.00. Quick view. Add to Cart The item has been added. Athearn Genesis

The true highlights of the engine are the enhanced scripted functions. The authors are attempting to replicate the experience of an engineer controlling a loco and to simulate the physical behavior of an engine in amazing detail. Pack of two diesel-electric locomotives GP38-2 in BNSF livery. Modern and heritage versions EJ&E GP38-2 #703 v1.0: Repaint of the new KLW BNSF GP38-2 #2099 v1.4, into Elgin, Joliet and Eastern GP38-2 #703. All-new GP38-2 reskin with accurate textures & detailing. Cab and sounds are aliased to the default GP38-2. EJ&E #703 includes Bob Bourdin's v4.7 physics, and GP38-2 coupling data v1.4 from Jim Ward. Download (1.59 MB Diesel Detail Kit Athearn GP38-2, GP40-2, SD40-2 #190-525 Diesel Detail Kit Athearn SW1500, SW1000 #190-527 Diesel Detail Kit Atlas RS32/36 #190-528 Diesel Detail Kit Atlas GP38-2 #190-557 Wind Deflector & Mirror, 2 pair Etched #190-615 Drip Ribs for Cab of Reading Locos #190-731 Alco Loco Door Handles 16 pk 5.5 in x .75 in 16pk : E #190-46 GP38-2 Locomotives by USA Trains Very nice engines, large road name selection, two motors. USA Trains R22234 GP 38-2 Christmas Santa Express Railway- White/Red/Gree

EMD's GP38-2, turbo charged? Posted by jacon12 on Sunday, February 24, 2013 9:40 AM Am I correct in thinking the gp 38-2 was not turbo charged and the 39-2 and 40-2 was? HO Scale DCC Modeler of 1950, give or take 30 years. Reply; 7j43k. Member since May 2004; 6,596 posts. EMD GP38-2. EMD GP38-2 er et amerikansk lokomotiv . GP38-2 er et 4-akslet 2000hk diesel-elektrisk lokomotiv, en såkalt road switcher. Det betyr at loket brukes som skiftelok ute på hovedlinjen. Lokomotivtypen er bygget av General Motors Electro-Motive Division (EMD) Typen er en oppgradering av den tidligere EMD GP38 Detailing an Atlas Trainman GP38-2 FEC #508 and #510. These Atlas Trainman GP38-2's are highly detailed and have Tsunami sound and working front and rear ditch lights added to them. Parts list includes: Tsunami sound. Weed cutter plow. MU Hoses. Air hoses. Cut bars. Grab Iron GP38-2. CP 3084 _____ CP 3084 AT PORT COQUITLAM, B.C. Built by : GMD. Built in : 1986. Serial Number : A 4545. Class : DRS-20d. Paint Scheme : Maroon & Grey Script paint scheme. This Photo : Mark Forseille, 2006 . Other Photos (chronological) : 1. CP 3084 at Belle Plaine SK., painted in the CP Rail Small Multimark paint scheme. Photo by Bill.

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GP38-3 #2010 shares the RIP track at Pinoca Yard with a GP38-2 and SD40-2. The amber light on the cab roof is a telltale that the locomotive is equipped for remote control operation. Dan Robie 2019. GP38-3 #2012 basks in the evening sun on the RIP track at Charlotte with several GP38-2s and GP40-2s coupled directly behind it HO Scale Proto 2000 8707 DL&W Railway E8/9A Diesel Locomotive #817. 410484-274 HO Scale Proto 2000 8707 DL&W Railway E8/9A Diesel Locomotive #817 $99.95. Quick Shop. Email address. Notify me when this product is available: Add to cart. HO Scale Proto 2000 8706 DL&W Railway E8/9A Diesel Locomotive #814. 410483-274 HO Scale Proto 2000 8706 DL&W.

The GE B23-7 diesel locomotive was first offered in late 1977. Featuring a smaller 12 cylinder version of the FDL engine, it is the successor to GE's U23B produced from early 1968 to mid 1977, but at 62 ' 2 long, the B23-7 is exactly 2' 0 longer than the firms U23B. The B23-7 competed with the very successful EMD GP38-2 CNW GP38-2 Phase II $ 10.95 Sold By: : RRMods; Illinois Central GP38-2 $ 10.95 Sold By: : RRMods; Canadian Pacific Delaware & Hudson GP38-2 $ 10.95 Sold By: : RRMods; SOO Line GP38-2 Phase II $ 10.95 Sold By: : RRMods; StL&H GP38-2 EX-D&H $ 10.95 Sold By: : Milos; SLSF GP38-2 $ 10.95 Sold By: : RRMods; Boston & Maine GP38-2 $ 10.95 Sold By. The GP38-2 model is controlled by a ProtoSoundfi DCRUfi electronic reverse unit. The reverse unit operates in the same manner that all reverse units function by using forward, neutral and reverse states that are entered each time the throttle is turned on and off or by using the transforme

Switch Line Decals will be closed 8/12/2021 to 8/17-2021. All orders placed before 5:00pm on the 12th will ship out same day, all orders placed after 5:00 pm on the 12th will begin shipping Tuesday the 17th The GP39 was a locomotive eclipsed by the success of the GP38 and 40 lines. The GP39 sold only 23 units durring its entire pre-Dash 2 production run. The Chesapeake & Ohio purchased all 23 units. This locomotive model utilizes a 12-645E3 prime mover that is capable of producing 2,300 hp. The GP39 was originally absent from EMD's Dash 2 catalog. The GP39 was only reintroduced in Dash 2 form. N MASTER EMD GP38-2 LOCOMOTIVE. The Dash 2 locomotive series, unveiled by EMD in 1972, featured significant changes, such as a solid-state, modular electrical control system and improved engine components designed to increase traction and reduce exhaust emissions Halloween GP38-2 New! USA Trains Patriotic GP-38-2 Red/White/Blue. Price: $379.89. Part Number: R22236. Quantity: Patriotic GP38-2 New! We offer gift certificates for the model railroader in your family or choose one of our train sets. $50 Gift Certificate. $50.00. You can find more of our Bachmann Train sets, including Li'l Big Haulers, by. GP38-2 Canadian National #4720. HO Scale Model Train Diesel Locomotive. $159.00 $106.79. SALE. 33% Off. Bachmann # bac61717. Add To Cart: Wish List: This is the HO Scale DCC Ready Canadian National GP38-2 Diesel Locomotive (#4720) by Bachmann. Suitable for Ages 14 & Older. EMD F7 A-B Set - Standard DC

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Athearn Information and Diagrams - Literature Page 6. Diesel Engine Diagrams Hustler 1964 Hustler Hustler 1991 AC 4400 1 AC 4400 2 AC 4400 RTR 2003 AC 4400 RTR 2006 AMD-103 1997 C44-9W 1995 1 C44-9W 1995 2 CF-7 RTR DD-40 1967 FS Genesis 2004 1 FS Genesis 2004 2 F-7A Dummy 1957 F-7A Geared F-7A HiFi and Geared F-7A Gear Drive 1960's F-7A Dummy. Decoder Selector. Find your Scale, Manufacturer, and Loco Below to see Digitrax recommended decoders. Click here to use the menu based selector. Jump to a Scale: G. HO. HO/OO. N. OO

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AIR GP38-2 DROP IN . Price: Out of Stock. Item Number: AIR GP38d. Manufacturer: AIRWIRE. MFG Part No: AIR GP38d. Add to a new shopping list. Email this page to a friend. Simple, Convenient, Fun. You will be delighted to discover that the AirWire. Drop-In series of decoders are designed to fit into a Manuals. Read our manuals to learn more about Train Sim World and its add-ons. In each manual you'll find information on the controls, individual locomotive operation, signalling guidance and more. Click on the products to view their manuals


User Manual - Atlas Gold Series Diesel Locomotives with LokSound Select Sound-Decoder 3/47 19 February 2016 − Bring the locomotive to a stop, and turn the power all the way off Battery Powered Wireless DCC Control System For All Scales. In its simplest form, an AirWire900™ system consists of a handheld controller, called a throttle, a locomotive mounted receiver/decoder and a modern, high-capacity Lithium battery to power the locomotive. With an AirWire900 system, there is absolutely no electricity present on the rails línea de locomotoras que marcaron una época, se encuentra la GP38-2. Construidas entre 1972 y 1986, las GP38-2, con motor de 16 cilindros, 2.000 caballos de potencia y cuatro ejes con rodadura B-B, alcanzaron 2.222 unidades vendidas a más de 60 compradores. Al igual que las SD40-2, las GP38-2 estaba

Railway CSX Locomotive EMD GP40-2 Author ID Nikos Kavoori (nikos1) Identifier kuid:219472:1732 Source www.uslw.ne Submit a request My activities Have you figured out what you need? Click this button to purchase our products at ncedcc.com L&N Historical Society. All content and images belong to the Louisville & Nashville Railroad Historical Society

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