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Genus Dendrobium sect. Phalaenanthe Schltr. is from an economical point of view the most significant of the whole genus. One of its members, Dendrobium bigibbum, gave rise to numerous hybrids on which an enormous cut-flower industry depends Characterized by the short to long or compact stems carrying leaves towards the apex that blooms on long, arching inflorescence carrying large, showy, wide opening, long lasting, purple, pink or white flowers with petals and sepals that are larger than the lip. The mentum usually has 2 chins Phalaenanthe Dendrobiums should always be confined in their pots and not over potted. When the plants are taken from the community pots they are put into two inch tubes and stay there for two years so are quite good sized plants before being repotted. This means that they are generally unstable if placed o

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PHAL-a-en-ANTH-e (click on the name to hear it spoken) Tribe: Epidendreae. Subtribe: Dendrobiinae. This relatively small group of sympodial, mostly epiphytic, tropical orchids contains several species of great beauty and horticultural importance. Den. phalaenopsis, the Cooktown Orchid, occurs only in the south-eastern portion of Cape York. Spatulata and Phalaenanthe Dendrobiums grow well under bright light. Filtered light from south- or east-facing windows will suit plants of this section well. Direct morning sunlight for short periods of time will not harm these Dendrobiums, but long exposure periods in early Spring or during the afternoon should be avoided Dendrobium bigibbum ssp. phalaenopsis SECTION Phalaenanthe Photo by John Rees. to . Text by John Rees Dendrobium bigibbum ssp. phalaenopsis grows between Mount Molloy and Cooktown on the eastern side of Cape York and is the original Cooktown Orchid. It may have larger flowers (up to 7 cm across) than other varieties of the species Dendrobium phalaenanthe. They are commonly known as antelope orchids. Blooms in summer and fall. Bium Lorrie Mortimer should. Dendrobium is a genus of mostly epiphytic and lithophytic orchids in the family Orchidaceae. Antennatum complement white-flowered D

Phalaenanthe are sometimes called phalaenopsis dendrobiums because the orchids' flowers look similar to Phalaenopsis orchids, but they're Dendrobiums within a category or section, called Phalaenanthe. These orchids are among the easiest dendrobiums to care for Dendrobium Phalaenanthe These Dendrobiums look like the moth-molded blossoms of the Phalaenopsis orchid, and that similarity is the reason they got this name. As they are likewise called, Den-phals are warm cultivators, inclining toward higher light than the others The proposal to establish a new genus Vappodes for Dendrobium sect. Phalaenanthe (Clements & Jones 2002) is not supported by this study or previous evidence (Adams 2011), and Vappodes has been reduced to synonymy (Pridgeon et al. 2014). The synonymy of variants in the D. bigibbum complex is outlined in Blake , Clements and Dockrill The Cooktown orchid, Dendrobium bigibbum, is the floral emblem of Queensland. It is a striking and large flowering species well-known for its round, long-lasting mauve flower displays and dominant influence on hybrids. It is one of only two species in section Phalaenanthe Schltr., the other being D. affine (Decne.

Phalaenanthe dendrobium orchids remain evergreen for several years, and have tall, thin pseudobulbs. Their inflorescences typically appear in the fall, but may also appear up to twice a year if.. There are a lot of different species of Dendrobium orchid - around 1,500 - and even more varieties/hybrids (sometimes called a grex). This care guide concerns Dendrobium phalaenopsis, which belong to the section Phalaenanthe. Phalaenanthe orchids are hard-cane and evergreen, usually with tall and slender pseudobulbs. Flowers spike from near the top of a cane, with an arching stem Dendrobium Black Pearl STUNNING BLACK PHALAENANTHE TYPE A very robust growing 'Hardcane' Phalaenanthe type with long spikes of numerous medium sized, velvety rich unusual BLACK blooms of excellent substance & long lasting. A prolific bloomer with multiple spikes per cane (Pictured above - Dendrobium polysema). This section is characterized by the club shaped pseudobulbs, some being short and others elongated and slender carrying towards the apex of the cane leaves that do not have sheathing at the bases and blooms on a nearly terminal, few flowered inflorescences carrying flowers which are somewhat fleshy and contain a prominent three lobed lip with a. 1) Dendrobium Phalaenanthe These Dendrobiums resemble the moth-shaped flower of the Phalaenopsis orchid, and that similarity is why they received this name. Den-phals, as they are also called, are warm growers, preferring higher light than the others

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Hard cane dendrobiums are hybrids of the Dendrobium species of Sections Phalaenanthe and Ceratobium and involve in their parentage, species that are found growing in the hot, equatorial and tropical forests of Asia. They are the easiest plants to grow for a beginner and bloom profusely without much care In general, these Dendrobiums are very easy to rebloom. Its growth patterns are similar to the Phalaenopsis, which also hints to the reason for its name. These orchids, officially classified as Dendrobium Phalaenanthe have a similar flower structure to the moth orchid. They are nick-named Den Phals, but don't let the name confuse you into. Hybrids made within section Phalaenanthe are commonly referred to as phalaenopsis-tyjpe dendrobium hybrids or, more comnonly, den-phals due to their resemblance to flowers of the genus Phalaenopsis (moth orchids)

Bunga anggrek Dendrobium dari spesies ini memiliki bentuk mirip seperti bunga Anggrek Phalaenopsis atau anggrek bulan yang menyerupai ngengat. Anggrek spesies phalaenanthe memiliki pseudobulbs yang tinggi dan tipis dan dapat tumbuh hingga beberapa tahun Dendrobium is a complex and large genus with thousands of known species and hybrids. Thus, the cultural requirements for dendrobiums vary depending on the section of the genus to which they belong. Species in the dendrobium genus are divided into six main sections. These are Phalaenanthe, Dendrobium, Spatulata, Callista, Formosae, and Latouria Phalaenopsis-type dendrobium hybrids are derived from Dendrobium phalaenopsis (syn. Dendrobium bigibbum). Commonly referred to as den-phals, they are among the easiest of orchids to grow under most conditions. These evergreen orchids reward the beginner with sprays of vividly colored long-lasting flowers in exchange for minima

Ada sekitar 45 spesies dalan seksi ini diantaranya adalah : Dendrobium lowii, Dendrobium cruentum, Dendrobium dearei, Dendrobium schuetze, Dendrobium formosum, Dendrobium infundibulum dan Dendrobium draconis. Phalaenanthe. Memiliki batang yang relatif panjang,berdaging, menebal ke ujung dan bagian bawah ditutupi pelepah daun yang tidak berkembang 3.1 There is significant diversity of form between the different sections in Dendrobium and there is a similarly diverse range of hybrids, most hybridising having been between species with the same section. There was a trend for Hot/Cold breeding between the Dendrocoryne and Phalaenanthe sections in the last decades of the 20th Century

Acylated anthocyanins in the flowers of genus Dendrobium section Phalaenanthe (Orchidaceae Below you will find information on general Dendrobium orchid care. Details on specific Dendrobium sections can be found on the following pages: Sect. Formosae, Sect. Latouria, Sect. Phalaenanthe & Spatulata. These are warm-growing dendrobiums which should perform well in household temperatures Dendrobium bigibbum, commonly known as the Cooktown orchid or mauve butterfly orchid, is an epiphytic or lithophytic orchid in the family Orchidaceae. It has cylindrical pseudobulbs, each with between three and five green or purplish leaves and arching flowering stems with up to twenty, usually lilac-purple flowers.It occurs in tropical North Queensland, Australia and New Guinea Phalaenanthe Dendrobiums - With Ken Unsworth My first involvement with orchids was through my father who was a foundation member of the Queensland Native Orchid Society with blokes like Les Cotton and other old-timers. That would have been around 1964 or thereabouts. He used to gro

sections: Phalaenanthe, Spatulata, Dendrobium, Callista, Latouria, and Formosae. There are other sections that a few species fall into, but we will focus on the main six for now. Dendrobiums grow in habitats ranging from semi-desert to rainforest, in the hot steamy lowlands of Borneo, to the Himalayan foothills, which are more. Dendrobium phalaenanthe are warm growers: Day: 70°-80° F/21°-26.7° C Night: 60° F/15.5° C/ at night. One month winter rest: 55° F/13° C. LIGHT. Bright light 2,000-4,000 (fc). HUMIDITY. 75% humidity is ideal with 65% in winter. Use a humidifier if necessary and a fan set to low to provide air movement. Home growers: remember 50% is the. Chromosome Homology in the Ceratobium, Phalaenanthe, and Latourea Sections of the Genus Dendrobium' H. KAMEMOTO, K. SHINDO, and K. KOSAKI THE Dendrobium genus comprises over 1,000 species of epiphytic orchids distributed over a vast triangular area connecting India, New Zea­ land, and Japan, and including most of th Dendrobium Phalaenanthe. These Dendrobiums look like the moth-molded blossoms of the Phalaenopsis orchid, and that similarity is the reason they got this name. As they are likewise called, Den-phals are warm cultivators, inclining toward higher light than the others Phalaenanthe Section Dendrobiums Phalaenopsis Type Dendrobiums Photographs of the species affine, bigibbum, compactum, dicuphum, schroederianum, striaenopsis (syn. schroderianum), superbiens & williamsianum and their Hybrids Spatulata Section Dendrobiums Antellope Type Dendrobiums.

Dendrobium Orchid Tea. Hard cane dendrobiums are hybrids of the dendrobium species of sections phalaenanthe and ceratobium and involve in their parentage species that are found growing in the hot equatorial and tropical forests of asia. They are the easiest plants to grow for a beginner and - Dendrobium Macrobig (D. macrophyllum x D. bigibbum) (University of Hawaii, 1976), a Latouria-Phalaenanthe intermediate. Kamemoto found that such polyploid plants were dominant parents whose superior genetic configuration vastly improved the quality of their hybrid progeny

10) Phalaenanthe, 11) Ceratobium/Spatulata 12) Stachyobium, 13) Pedilonum, 14) Distichophyllum, 15) Rhopalanthe, 16) Aporum, 17) Oxystophyllum, 18) Strongyle, 19) Grastidium, 20) Conostalix. Berikut Deskripsi masing-masing seksi Dendrobium. 1. Dendrobium Phalaenanthe Chi Phalaenanthe. 30/04/2021. Chi Phalaenanthe. Dendrobium bigibbum. Đây lá loài lan Cooktown nổi tiếng, chúng đã xuất hiện ở miền bắc Queensland và ở Papua New Guinea. Thân lan như một cây De. Phalaenopsis lùn, với những lá mỏng và giả hành dài tới 45 cm. Hoa của chúng có cánh tròn với màu. Around 130 genera and over 2700 species descriptions of orchids found around New Guinea all documented online for the world to enjoy for FREE

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In many Dendrobium species the sudden production of keiki by a plant on canes young and old is a signal of significant root loss. I have frequently observed this on Dendrobium species from the Spathulata section and on hybrids descended from Sphatulata/Phalaenanthe section. These hybrids are produced by the millions and are commonly sold on. How to Order. Finding orchids that you want to order Check the box to select the desired size. Enter the amount you want to order. (Check the remaining orchids from the stock) Click ADD TO CART . Want to check the orchids that have been chosen to buy Point the mouse or click on the cart above. Click VIEW CART to process orders Dendrobium phalaenanthe 35mm & over 34. Dendrobium phalaenanthe under 35mm 35. Dendrobium Latouria style 36. Dendrobium Spatulata Style 37. Terete leaf (Dockrillia) any colour or patterned 38. Other Dendrobium Hybrids Australian Native Hybrids 39. Dendrobium phalaenanthe 35mm & over 40. Dendrobium phalaenanthe less than 35mm 41

In this chapter on growing dendrobiums, we'll cover the plants in two closely-related sections: Phalaenanthe and Spatulata, commonly known as the phalaenopsis type and antelope type. The species interbreed readily and most of the popular dendrobium hybrids, sometimes called den-phals, are descended from these two groups. The phalaenopsis or den-phal type. Dendrobium (den-DROH-bee-um) is a family of over 1000 species. It is a very diverse genus of orchids with many different cultural needs. The shape and form of their stems and leaves vary tremendously and the plants range from tiny in size to very large. Phalaenanthe 5. Latouria 6. Formosae (Nigrohirsutae Type) NOBILE TYPE These are some of. SummaryDendrobium bigibbum Lindl. has a long confused history, with taxa variously described as separate species, subspecies, varieties and forms. This paper records morphological variation in 160 representative plants in north Queensland and Torres Strait. The distribution range is delineated. ITS-DNA results did not show significant differences between populations. The evidence supports a. There are natural hybrids within at least four of the eight Australian Dendrobium sections and some intersectional ones (Spatulata × Phalaenanthe). The natural hybrid D. superbiens ( D. bigibbum × D. discolor Lindl.) is present in some populations in north‐east Queensland at a much greater frequency than one or both parents, suggesting the.

Buy Orchids Shop All Orchids Featured Custom Orders Cattleya Dendrobium Encyclia Oncidium Paphs & Phrags Vanda Selected Stock 22700 Taylor Dr., Bradenton, FL, 34211 | (941) 322-1644 Supplies Fertilizer and Potting Mix Gift Cards FAQs Hours and Location General FAQ Shipping and Ordering FAQ Orchid Care Contact U Dendrobium - Intermediate-growing species . Mentioning intermediate-growing orchids and Dendrobium orchids in one breath can never be complete without mentioning the stunning nobile Dendrobium orchid. The nobile Dendrobium orchid originates from the mountainous areas in Asia, more specific the Himalayas

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Dendrobium Cultivar Release 3 Oct. 1998, NPH-D-3 . Dendrobium Lorrie Mortimer, UH1577 . A. tetraploid plant of . potted-plant cultivar. Dendro-Dendrobium Samarai ( D. bium Lorrie Mortimer should . stratiotes . x D. antennatum) complement white-flowered D. arose spontaneously among . Samarai (UH988) and purple­ diploid offspring. This tetra Phalaenanthe D. biggibum Lindley TABLE 1. Results of intra- and intersectional crosses in the genus Dendrobium Fruits harvested Successful crosses 70 No. of Normal Sectional cross crosses No. NO No. W0 embryos Aporum X Ceratobium 2 0 0.0 X Phalaenanthe 1 0 0.0 Callista X Callista 14 0 0.0 t X Ceratobium 42 11 26.1 4 9.5 0.04 X Eugenanthe 63 2.

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Dendrobium nobile Intermediate-temperature Dendrobiums. The second group is intermediate growing Dendrobiums, such as Dendrobium kingianum, Dendrobium nobile, Dendrobium crassifolium, Dendrobium crassicaule, Dendrobium amethystoglossum, Dendrobium gnomus, Dendrobium harveyanum, Dendrobium loddigesii, Dendrobium longicornu.All of them prefer intermediate temperature, half to full sun and. diploid Dendrobium species hybrids and their corresponding colchicine-induced amphidiploids from intersectional combinations of Ceratobium x Eleutheroalossum. Phalaenanthe x Ceratobium and Phalaenanthe x Eleutheroalossum were compared. Increased flower width and broader petals and sepals resulted in increased flower size of the amphidiploids What colors do dendrobium orchids come in? Colors of the more common Phalaenanthe, Nobile and Spatulata dendrobiums are varied; these may be purple, lavender, pink, red, white, orange, yellow, green and even a mottled brown. More than one color can appear on different parts of the flower, with the throat often yellow. Some petals are spotted

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Dendrobium schroederiana. A phalananthe from Indonesia, original parent of the modern day phalaenanthe Dendrobium hybrids. Best grown in a small pot in maximun sunlight with a definite rest during the dry winter months. Angraecum longicalcar Tabel 3. Dendrobium sp. yang banyak digunakan sebagai tetua jantan dan betina dalam persilangan. Nama jenis Tetua betina Tetua jantan Jumlah Seksi Phalaenanthe Dendrobium affine 9 9 18 Dendrobium bigibbum 42 107 149 Dendrobium phalaenopsis 67 214 281 Dendrobium superbiens 27 12 39 Seksi Ceratobium/Spatulata Dendrobium stratiotes 30 70 10 ♠Phalaenanthe Dendrobium - white: Dendrobium Dal's Stunner grown by Italo and Noels Frizzo of Glasshouse. ♠Spatulata Dendrobium - dominant canaliculatum influence: Dendrobium Memoria Stan. This is a synonym of. Not accepted by. Adams, P.B. (2015). Dendrobium bigibbum (sect. Phalaenanthe) in Australia - analysis of diagnostic characters, review of taxa and a new classification Kew Bulletin 70(16): 1-17

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Tatsuzawa, F., Yukawa, T., Shinoda, K. and Saito, N. 2005 (平成17年) Acylated anthocyanins in the flowers of genus Dendrobium section Phalaenanthe (Orchidaceae). Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 33: 625-629. 立澤文見.(2002)多彩さの謎に迫る ランの花色をめぐって New Orchids 111: 45-48 Los dendrobium phalaenanthe tienen largos pseudobulbos que se llaman cañas y sus hojas coriáceas están dispuestas por pares todo a lo largo. Las raíces son de talla mediana y abundantes. La vara floral aparece encima de la caña y lleva de 10 a 20 flores

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Dendrobium bigibbum Lindl. has a long confused history, with taxa variously described as separate species, subspecies, varieties and forms. This paper records morphological variation in 160 representative plants in north Queensland and Torres Strait. The distribution range is delineated Scientia Horticulturae, 17 (1982) 169-175 169 Elsevier Scientific Publishing Company, Amsterdam -- Printed in The Netherlands OCCURRENCE OF TWO DIFFERENT MODES OF PHOTOSYNTHESIS IN DENDROBIUM CULTIVARS TOSHIO ANDO Laboratory of Floriculture and Ornamental Horticulture, Faculty of Horticulture, Chiba University, Matsudo, Chiba Prefecture 271 (Japan) (Accepted for publication 19 August 1981. Dendrobium est un genre de plantes de la famille des Orchidaceae originaire des régions sub-tropicales et tropicales d'Asie, d'Australie et de Nouvelle-Zélande.On dénombre 1 220 espèces [1] dans des biotopes variés. Le nom se compose des mots grecs δένδον (dendron) = arbre et βίος (bios) = vie (littéralement qui vit sur les arbres car toutes les espèces sont épiphytes, plus. Los Dendrobium varían mucho su floración dependiendo de la variedad. En general los híbridos comunes y especies de secciones como Phalaenanthe, Spatulata, Latouria y Callista tienen floración libre y lo hacen todo el año mientras los de la seccion Dendribium (Tipo Nóbile) requieren noches frias para inducir floración

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  1. Phalaenanthe Dendrobiums: are a more tropical type Dendrobium which produces relatively large Phalaenopsis looking flowers on stiff upright canes. Flower spikes usually occur on new canes and can occur at any time of the year. These plants prefer warmer conditions and i
  2. The Dendrobium bigibbum Complex by Jim Brydie. Den bigibbum var bigibbum - Garrie Bromley. This surely has to be Australia's most beautiful native orchid, but at the same time, Den. bigibbum has been the centre of a confusing hotpot among taxonomists for a long, long time. Den. bigibbum is a member of a small group of about 3 to 6 closely.
  3. Phalaenanthe Esta variedade dendrobium permanece sempre verde para os primeiros anos após o plantio . Os pseudobulbos podem aparecer duas vezes por ano, se você esfriar a planta a 55 graus centígrados por cerca de quatro semanas após o primeiro período de crescimento e , em seguida, aquecê-lo a 60 graus Fahrenheit novamente
  4. Dendrobium bigibbum (sect. Phalaenanthe) in Australia :analysis of diagnostic characters, review of taxa and a new classification CALL NO(S) F(S) QK1 K5 70/2 201
  5. Dendrobium ditemukan baik didataran rendah hingga puncak gunung seperti Himalaya. karena penyebarannya luas, jenis ini mempunyai berbagai kultur yang berbeda. para ahli botani membagi genus Dendrobium kedalam beberapa seksi yang berbeda. 2.2.3 Anggrek Dendrobium Seksi Phalaenanthe
  6. In Dendrobium, PPPC tetraploids carry 3 sets of the Phalaenanthe genomes and one set of the Ceratobium genome. Progeny from two groups of 17 PPPC crosses total were evaluated for uniformity, yield, bud drop and other horticultural traits

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  1. You may remove this plantlet once roots begin to develop. Dendrobiums grow well with Cattleyas and Phalaenopsis. They are a good beginner orchid, and make a wonderful addition to any orchid collection. There are over 1,000 Dendrobiums species. We grow three basic types of Dendrobiums. the Phalaenanthe (Phal type) , and Spatulatata (Antelope.
  2. sect. Phalaenanthe, sect. Stachyobium, of Dendrobium Sw. of the family Orchidaceae and their hybrids. 2. Material Required 2.1 The competent authorities decide on the quantity and quality of the plant material required for testing the variety and when and where it is to be delivered. Applicant
  3. I don't know the name, but it is clearly a cross of between an antilope Dendrobium and a hybrid from the Phalaenanthe section of Dendrobium. These Dendrobium can bloom several years from the same cane, even if the cane loses all its leaves
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  1. Dendrobium are classified into two groups: those that require a cold culture, are deciduous, and flower along the length of the pseudobulb, and those who require an intermediate to warm culture, are evergreen, and bloom at the top of the pseudobulbs.. COLD CULTURE: Dendrobium nobile is a typical representative of cold-growing Dendrobiums. Summer is their peak growing season, when the new.
  2. Dendrobium Phalaenanthe 1±79³0±05 864 D. bracteosum Rchb.f.s Dendrobium Pedilonum 3±53³0±09 1703 D. bullenianum Rchb.f.‡ Dendrobium Pedilonum 3±60³0±16 1737 [D. topaziacum Ames] D. canaliculatum R.Br.‡ Dendrobium Spatulata 2±71³0±00 1308 D. conanthum Schltr.
  3. For those who do not grow dendrobiums yet.. More sections within the dendrobium genus. -Section Phalaenanthe is your standard big box retailer hybrid dendrobium. You know the look. They are easy to grow, require no rest but are cold sensitive. -Section Pedilonum is a bit less common but well known because of Dendrobium
  4. I assume the orchid in the photo is a dendrobium hybrid descendant from crosses between dendrobium of the Sphatulata and Phalaenanthe section. Having said that the answer can be a bit confusing to a newby. First, it is totally normal for these dendrobium to drop the leaves of canes that are more than a year old
  5. Orhidee Dendrobium - Caracteristici si Instructiuni de Ingrijire. Dendrobium reprezinta un gen cu o diversitate ridicata, acest aspect relevandu-se implicit in cerintele fata de mediu si totodata, in conditiile necesare pentru asigurarea unei cultivari de success. Un aspect comun la speciile genului Dendrobium este reprezentat de parcurgerea.
  6. Au sein du genre Dendrobium, la section Phalaenanthe est proche de la section Spatulata, avec laquelle elle s'hybride facilement dans les habitats naturels, ce qui pourrait lancer une étude pour unir les deux groupes en un seul, en tant que quatrième espèce qui appartenait auparavant au groupe Phalaenanthe, le Dendrobium williamsianum, a été séparé et inclus dans le groupe Spatulata
  7. Dendróbium (lat. Dendrobium Sw. 1799) je rod rastlín z čeľade vstavačovité (Orchidaceae) zahrnujúci okolo 1 200 druhov.Pomenovanie pochádza z gréckych slov δένδρον / dendron - strom a βίος / bios - život a charakterizuje prevažujúci epifytný charakter dendróbií.. Patrí do podskupiny Dendrobiinae spolu s menej známymi rodmi Cadetia, Diplocaulobium.

Das ist das Dendrobium Phalaenanthe 'Polar Fire'. Eine dankbare Blühpflanze. Wenn die Blüten verwelkt sind, kannst Du den Stängel abschneiden. Auf keinen Fall die Pseudobulben (Canes) entfernen, dort und an neuen Trieben kann es im nächsten Jahr wieder blühen. Ich habe selbst einige davon. Viel Glück mit dieser schönen Pflanze Phalaenanthe; Spatulata; Dendrobium; Callista; Latouria; Formosae; Le orchidee appartenenti ad ognuna di queste sezioni, avranno esigenze culturali diverse, a cui attenersi per la buona coltivazione della pianta e a cui poter fare riferimento, per capire se potete dare all'orchidea le giuste condizioni Colors of the more common Phalaenanthe, Nobile and Spatulata dendrobiums are varied; these may be purple, lavender, pink, red, white, orange, yellow, green and even a mottled brown. More than one.

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THE GENUS DENDROBIUM (ORCHIDACEAE). University of Hawaii, Ph.D., 1968 Biology-Genetics UniversityMicrofilms, Inc., AnnArbor, Michigan-----._--GENOME AND KARYOTYPE REIATIONSHIPS IN THE GENUS DENDROBIUM (ORCHIDACFAE) Phalaenanthe x Ceratobium hybrids displayed an average of 16.80 biva­. Dendrobium hybrids with Phalaenanthe and/or Spatulata parentage - predom. white with an overlay. 19. Dendrobium hybrids with Phalaenanthe and/or Spatulata parentage - predom. any other colour mix. 20. Other Dendrobium hybrids - predominantly yellow/orange. 21. Other Dendrobium hybrids - predominantly pink/red/mauve. 22. Other Dendrobium. Dendrobium speciosum ('Beranghi Gold' x 'Ted') x 'Marylin' Champion Dendrobium speciosum Varietal Complex R&R Harvey Champion Dendrobium sect. Dendrocoryne & sect. Phalaenanthe Hybrids B&P Gerhard Den. Jackaroo 'Ride 'em' Champion Epiphytic Hybrids Other S Barrie Sarco. George Colthup x Fizzy Dove.

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Dendrobium subclausum Rolfe (section Pedilonum), cultivated at the Hortus Botanicus, Leiden, from Sulawesi : Section Phalaenanthe (syn. subsect. Bigibba): Dendrobium bigibbum Lindl. (section Phalaenanthe), from Papua New Guinea: Section Platycaulon: Dendrobium. Dendrobium bigibbum (sect. Phalaenanthe) in Australia - analysis of diagnostic characters, review of taxa and a new classification Kew Bulletin 70(16): 1-17. Govaerts, R. (2003). World Checklist of Monocotyledons Database in ACCESS: 1-71827 Phalaenanthe - May be referred to as the phalaenopsis-type dendrobiums because of their uncanny resemblance. These are evergreen orchid plants with thin and tall pseudobulbs and terminal inflorescences. Species: Dendrobium bigibbum; Dendrobium phalaenopsis; Dendrobium lithicolum (Dendrobium phalaenopsis v compactum) Dendrobium affine; Hybrids.