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Thermowood thermally treated wood Improves the dimensional stability with 30 - 50%. Protects the wood against attack by rot and fungi. For any questions please call + 45 6160 590 ThermoWood ® is the result of an innovative process in which heat treatment plays a central role. Thermal modifications ensure that the durability of the wood increases and its quality improves. The first thermally treated wood was produced in the 1930s by the German scientists Stamm and Hansen, and in the 1940s by the American scientist White What is Thermowood? Thermowood, also known as heat treated timber, is a beautiful, sustainable timber material produced using chemical-free heat treatment. How is Thermowood Produced? Thermowood is created by heat treating Scandinavian softwood to temperatures ranging from 180 - 230° in special chamber kilns for up to 96 hours. Steam is used as a protective gas and helps to prevent the wood from splitting and becoming damaged during treatment Lunawood recommends regular surface treatment for Thermowood decking when used in applications subject to varying weather conditions. Surface treatment will help to retain the original colour and reduce cracking and splintering that are typical to wood materials over time. If left untreated, Thermowood will turn a silver-grey colour due to UV rays Thermowood®, or heat treated wood, is suitable for many purposes. In the interior, it can be used in, e.g., walls, ceilings, floors, saunas, fittings, and furniture. On the exterior, it is suitable for use in, e.g., facades, terraces, doors, and windows

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  1. During the heat treating process, the wood colour darkens, it becomes more stable than normal wood in conditions of changing humidity, and its thermal insulation properties are improved. The treatment process also makes the wood resistant to decay. ThermoWood 'D' will, therefore, provide a 30-year service life, when installed in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations
  2. Surface treatment - Outdoors Lunawood Thermowood should be surface treated before installation or immediately after installation if the beautiful brown color is to be retained. Treating the boards with tinted or pigmented wood oil, wax, wood-protecting stain, varnish or paint - which contains a UV-filter - can retain the brown surface color
  3. Versus pressure-treated decks: WellDone Decking is 100% Green product, doesn't crack, shrink and swell as pressure-treated lumber. Versus composite: WellDone Decking is not overheating under sunlight and it is a real wood. Versus exotic woods: WellDone Decking is much lighter in weight, easier to work with, more stable in sizes and better in appearance
  4. We are ThermalWood Canada It's great that you stopped by and feel free to explore and learn how we are slightly obsessed with creating high-quality, thermally modified wood products for a wide range of applications. Our obsession for 215/419 degree thermal modification is captured with a single phrase: Northern Heat
  5. The main advantages of thermally treated wood fences:- Highly resistant to fungus and decay, higher durability of thermally treated wood by several times- Lo..

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  1. Thermally modified wood, a.k.a. ThermoWood or thermo-treated wood has already been penetrating the market for a number of years. But so far there hasn't been a Class B-s1,d0 fire retardant for ThermoWood that could be applied without pressure treatment
  2. Thermowood® (Lunawood) ThermoWood® is a physically engineered timber that is produced by specialist heat treating Scandinavian Redwood / Whitewood. It is this alteration in structure that results in a more stable, anti-fungal timber ideal for use in exterior applications
  3. ThermoWood® is produced by heat treating Finnish grown pine and spruce to temperatures in excess of 200 degrees centigrade. During the heat treatment, chemical and structural changes occur within the timber which alter and improve some of its basic characteristics. The resulting product is an altogether more durable and stable timber, an ideal cladding material for use in exposed areas such as external walls
  4. In the standard class of ThermoWood treatment, swelling and shrinkage of wood due to moisture, colour change, and biological durability are emphasised as key properties. Since the ThermoWood material to be supplied to industrial customers is heat?treated in accordance with the agreements between the purchaser and producer, the processing level can be carefully optimised according to the end use application
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  6. Oil Heat Treatment. The wood is placed in an oil bath between 180 °C and 220 °C. This process can also be used with chemical additives to alter the wood in other ways. ThermoWood. This process is similar to the Les Bois Perdure treatment in that it uses a steam environment at atmospheric pressure to treat the wood
  7. Warm, safe and sound wood for decking, cladding and sauna interiors. Stora Enso is a proud producer of genuine ThermoWood®, the thermo-treated wood produced using completely natural methods - heat and steam. The thermal treatment improves the wood's properties, opening up a wide range of applications for use outdoors or indoors

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  1. Made from ThermoWood® nordic pine; Chemical free, only high temperature and water steam is used to treat the wood; Decay resistant; Dimensionally stable, no warping of the boards; Thermo-treated wood is an ecological and environmentally friendly material; Guaranteed quality: 30-year guarantee for decay resistance; Size Availabl
  2. Tunnicliffe's purchased a high-tech, small-scale treatment chamber, previously located at Scion (former Forest Research Institute) in Rotorua, New Zealand where the technology has been trialled since 2003. Tunnicliffe's ThermoWood® is a durable timber product, free of any chemical. The timber used is thermally modified NZ Radiata pine, which is comparable with naturally durable timbers such as Cypress Macrocarpa, Western Red Cedar and Redwood
  3. Over 28.000 cubic meters of thermally modified wood per year. Thermally modified wood products. Much higher durability and dimensional stability compared to regular wood. Cladding with fire retardant treatment. Thermally modified cladding treated with Burnblock fire retardant offers extra long life against fire and weather
  4. ThermoWood® Decking Silva ThermoWood® is an attractive, sustainable solid wood decking material produced using a chemical-free natural process involving heat and steam. Finnish-grown European Redwood (Scandinavian Pine) is heat-treated to temperatures in excess of 200 degrees Centigrade
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Heat treated and modified under high temperatures, the range is not only resistant to fungi but is also more stable overall. The reversible wood is supplied in a tongue and groove V profile and there is a wide choice suitable for every budget and design, including: Thermowood Redwood D Pine or Thermo pine; Thermowood Ash or Thermo Ash. Thermo-treated wood (also known as Thermally modified wood or Thermowood) is a material produced after the treatment of wood at high temperature (180º - 220º C) in a special thermo camera.Thermo-treated wood material is completely natural because no chemicals are used in the process, only temperature and pressure, but shows very good resistance to fungi and rot Thermowood Cladding Thermowood the environmentally friendly alternative to tropical hardwoods. Thermowood was developed to offer similar durability and stability properties to Western Red Cedar at a lower cost. We mill Thermowood decking and Thermowood cladding. Thermowood is more knotty and harder than cedar. We mill with care ensuring the heart side of the timber is on the correct side into secret fix decking and cladding Thermowood cladding comes from Scandinavian softwood timber that has been heat treated. When Thermowood is manufactured, it is subjected to pressure and heat, as well as nitrogen and water vapour to control the drying process. This treatment is carefully observed and can take anywhere from 24 to 96 hours Scottywood is an innovative company leading the. way in thermal modification. Using a Jartek specialty. kiln and leveraging our unique expertise and. ThermoWood® technology, Scottywood is fostering. innovation in thermal treatment and manufacturing. in BC. Our high quality products are developed using. Western Hemlock, American White Ash, Red.

Walking on a Thermowood deck barefoot is not a problem. Durability is achieved by heat treatment and steam. Thermowood is dimensionally stable and resistant to decay The ThermoWood process is licensed to the members of the Finnish ThermoWood Association. Metsä Wood ThermoWood is available in two treatment classes: Thermo-S (Scandinavian Pine or Spruce, heat treatment 190ºC, internal use) and Thermo-D (Scandinavian Pine or Spruce, heat treatment 212ºC, internal and external use). Thermowood is fully CE marke

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Qualities Thermal insulation Assembling and processing Surface treatment Application ThermoWood® - surface treatment OutdoorsFor outdoors, it is recommended to treat the surface of the wood before the installation or right after by using only a thin coat. The wood can be treated by:tinted wood oilpigmented wood oilwaxwood protecting stainvarnish (with UV- filter)pain ThermoWood ® was already thermally treated once, and can therefore already count on more benefits than normal or untreated wood. For example, with ThermoWood ® you will encounter fewer problems with insects (holes), fungal growth, decay, expansion, etc. Maintenance of ThermoWood ® is thus recommended, but is required with less frequent. Co2ThermoTimber is produced by heat treating Finnish grown pine and spruce to temperatures in excess of 200 degrees centigrade. During the heat treatment, chemical and structural changes occur within the timber which alter and improve some of its basic characteristics

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Thermo-treated wood USA thermo-modification woo Eco Wood Treatment is a powder composed of natural substances from minerals. It contains no solvents and leaves no harmful residue in water or soil. It is safe to use on retaining marts, or any structure that penetrates into the soil or into the water.contains only 100% organic compounds. R

This unique thermo treatment plant is designed for heat treatment of 2 to 3 batches per day, depending on thickness and wood species. The plant is therefore equipped with a high performance energy and heat transfer system. The heat is produced by a gas- or oil-fired boiler that heats thermal oil Thermally Modified Wood is manufactured by heating the wood to a temperature of 160º C (320º F) while it is protected with steam. Besides providing protection, the steam also affects the chemical changes taking place in the wood. As a result of the treatment, thermally modified wood is created Standard ThermoWood treatment classification Softwood and hardwood species have a separate classification since their properties clearly differ. There are two classes of heat treatment. Having more than two classes is not reasonable since wood properties change slowly at first as the temperature increases. Once the treatment temperature exceeds. Vincent Timber can offer effective and permanent fire retardant treatments exterior cladding timbers. We can supply a leach resistant treatment for external use, meeting Euro Class B & C. For further information please contact sales@vincenttimber.co.u

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ThermoWood products have undergone a special but environmentally friendly heat treatment process. The process gives the wood a number of new properties, such as transverse stability, with less cracking and splintering, in addition, the exterior products quickly get a great silver-grey patina Standard ThermoWood treatment classes ThermoWood has two standard treatment classes, Thermo-S and Thermo-D. Thermo-S The letter 'S' in ' Thermo-S' stands for 'stability'. Along with appearance, stability is a key property in the end use applications of the products in this treatment

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Heatwood - den svenska leverantören av Thermowood. Heatwood är företaget som tillverkar och säljer värmebehandlat trä enligt den patenterade metoden ThermoWood®. Som enda tillverkaren av ThermoWood® i Sverige är vi stolta över vårt miljövänliga alternativ. Välkommen att upptäcka fördelarna med ThermoWood® HeatWood - the Swedish supplier of Thermowood. Heatwood is the company which manufactures and sells heat treated wood, according to the patented method ThermoWood®. As the only manufacturer of ThermoWood® in Sweden, we are proud about our environmentally friendly alternative. Come and discover the benefits of ThermoWood®

Abstract. Low hygroscopicity is an important factor favoring the use of heat-treated wood materials. Hence, wild cherry (Cerasus avium (L.) Moench) wood was subjected to heat treatment with the ThermoWood® method for about 1 and 2 hours at temperatures of 190 and 212 °C in an industrial business.Then, trial samples were prepared and divided into two groups The length of treatment intervals varies greatly depending on how much the wood is subjected to rain and sunlight. Painted surfaces tend to last for a longer time. ThermoWood® Manual on Surface. ThermoWood® Decking. £41.49 £34.58 per sqm. Silva ThermoWood® is an attractive, sustainable solid wood decking material produced using a chemical-free natural process involving heat and steam. Finnish-grown European Redwood (Scandinavian Pine) is heat-treated to temperatures in excess of 200 degrees Centigrade When installing heat-treated wood decking, the following should be considered: • the distance between joists under the decking should be 400-450 mm. This distance is optimal for fixating screws. At a greater distance the decking boards may fall through and bend due to the internal tensions of the wood. • pre-drilling holes have to be. Thermowood can create a wonderful living space in public buildings and houses. Thermowood Siding. Siding and surfaces can be painted or treated with wood oil, wax, stain or paraffin oil, which not only protects the wood but also improves the beauty of the wood. Surface treatment or coating of smooth or flaky siding is easy at the installation.

Thermowood absorbs moisture poorly, but it can be easily impregnated with eco-colours and stains of linseed oil, because the linseed oil has a smaller molecular size. After heat treatment, the wood stays darker and in order to visually revitalize it, and to make it brighter, you can use NATURA linseed oil with or without pre-bleaching of. Scottywood is an innovative company leading the way in thermal modification. Using a Jartek specialty kiln and leveraging our unique expertise and ThermoWood® technology, Scottywood is fostering innovation in thermal treatment and manufacturing in BC.. Our high-quality products are developed using quality lumber such as Western Hemlock, American White Ash, Red Oak, and sourced from.

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The ThermoWood treatment process is patented and the trademark is owned by the Finnish ThermoWood Association. The process can be divided into three phases: 1. Temperature increase and kiln drying The air temperature in the kiln is raised at a rapid speed using heat an ThermoWood can be used outside without any surface treatment, but the appearance results are the same as with normal wood. The surface turns gray and starts to crack The treatment process used to create ThermoWood is patented and the trademark is owned by the International ThermoWood Association. The technical specifications of ThermoWood are defined in the CEN/TS15679 2008 Thermal Modified Timber, definitions and characteristics ThermoWood ® is a durable and superior product, manufactured by using high temperature and water vapor that leads to an increase in resistance to water and biological factors. Thermal treatment technology increases possibilities of usage. ThermoWood ® is also weather resistant and debilitates the external factors (fungi and insects). The material is nontoxic, easy to install, and can be. Pros & Cons of Treated Wood. When it comes to comparing treated wood vs. cedar, pressure-treated wood is the sturdier and more weather-proof of the two. It's highly resistant to insect attack and rot, and special versions rated for ground contact can be buried in soil and will continue to shrug off decay for decades

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Thermowood decking boards don't require surface treatment. Like any wood, the surface of Thermory products will naturally turn silver-gray over time - this process starts immediately and can take anything from a few months to a few years depending on the levels of UV radiation they're exposed to Tuletõkkevahend termopuidule - MultiPro System OÜ. Termotöödeldud puidu e. termopuidu valmistamiseks töödeldakse puitu kõrgema kui 170 C temperatuuri juures. Selle protsessi tagajärjel paranevad puidu pehkimis- ja ilmastikukindlus ning soojusisoleerivus ja niiskuspaisumine. Kõrgel temperatuuril eraldub puidust ka vaik. Termopuit sobib. Thermowood is produced by heat treating selected Scandinavian Redwood that is conditioned in a unique continuous kilning process, heating the timber to 212 Celsius whilst protecting it with steam. This thermal process enhances the chemical and physical properties of the timber providing many benefits the main one being increasing the durability. Lunawood Thermowood is a premium wood material for a versatile range of interior applications in all climates. LunaThermo-S treatment on Nordic Spruce, LunaThermo-D treatment on Nordic Pine..

Shi et al (2007) studied the mechanical behaviour of Quebec wood species heat-treated using the Thermowood process and concluded that the modulus of rupture decreased between 0% and 49% for heat-treated spruce, pine, fir, and aspen, while for birch the modulus increased slightly (6%) after the heat treatment Thermodified (Thermally Modified Wood) Thermo Modified wood (also known as thermo wood) has been enjoying a boom in specification and use in cladding and decking projects in the UK. Thanks to it chemical-free process, thermodified timbers offer an alternative to the standard impregnated timbers. Thermo modified wood species include: Ash. Spruce Heat treatment reduces hygroscopicity and accompanying dimensional changes in wood. Prior to coating, pine and spruce boards were heat treated at 225°C for six hours under steam, in order to achieve dimensional stability and durability of wood substrate. The panels were coated surface finishes which are commonly used on exterior cladding, joinery and fences in Finland Thermowood Channel Cladding. We have all heard of pressure-treated pine or tanalised timber which is very common in outdoor projects such as decking or fencing, but, what if there was an alternative that is a more of a finished look with its rustic appearance and chemical-free Thermory is the union of science and design. Thermally modified real wood products with unequalled durability and stunning beauty. Click to learn more

The exotic ThermoWood Iroko Hardwood provides an ideal exterior hardwood decking material once it has gone through the ThermoWood treatment, giving it improved stability and durability. It's light amber colour, paired with an elegant look captures perfection with its modern accents. . ThermoWood Iroko is a large hardwood tree from the west. Fire Treatment Thermowood Redwood can be fire treated, but due to its brittle nature, a 15% wastage factor on end splitting should be calculated. Coating Due to stability paint manufacturers are happy to provide 3 year - 10 year warranties subject to conditions. Length 3m - 5.4 The board surfaces are band sawn and were factory treated in April 2019 ⬇︎ . Garden Studio at Enniskerry, County Wicklow ⬇︎ . Clad in DuraWood, MTS's own brand thermowood, these pictures were taken during the final stage of construction. Five weeks after factory treatment with SiOO:X weathering was well advanced

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Finnish wood heat treatment technology, ThermoWood, was recently introduced to Québec, Canada by Ohlin Thermo Tech. Subsequently, a large number of initial trials were conducted on five commercially important Québec wood species, spruce (Picea spp.), pine (Pinus spp.), fir (Abies spp.), aspen (Populus spp.), and birch (Betula spp.). These species were thermally-modified in different batches. Heat treatment is a method of wood modification with increasing market acceptance in Europe. The major patented European commercial heat treatment processes have trade names ThermoWood, Platowood, Retiwood, Le Bois Perdure, and Oil-Heat-Treated Wood (OHT). To what extent modification of wood affects the resistance of wood to weathering is also an important aspect for wood applications. The Finnish Certification Body Forest Certification System has granted the right to use the Certificate of Origin and the International Association Thermowood Assocation has been granted the right to use the Thermowood trademark. Wood, thanks to this special heat treatment, gets many unique properties. Technical data shee Zeroflame Fire Retardant Treatment has been tested on multiple timber species, the most popular being; Pine, Spruce, UK Larch, Siberian Larch, Western Red Cedar, Oak and Thermowood. All these woods when the treatment is applied to the bare timber at the specified spreading rate achieved Euroclass B-s1-d0

Heat treatment of wood has a positive effect upon timber decay and Thermowood can achieve resistance class I-II. The timber is drier than that used for general joinery and is more resistant to surface shaking due to the action of UV light. All of these factors contribute to longer surface life than untreated joinery timber, but to ensure. Thermowood, originating from Finland, is now probably the most recognised brand. The process of thermal modification dramatically increases the durability and stability of wood - and results in a beautiful brown colouration. The result: a new, sustainable, environmentally friendly timber species Thermowood® Thermo Treated Timber SertiWOOD® Timber Focus Ltd . Thermowood is the largest range of thermally modified cladding and decking and comes in a wide range of colours, types of wood and styles. Jump to: Digital objects +44 (0) 800368 9905 www.timberfocus.com Contact manufacturer Descriptio

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Decking Heat Treated Thermowood ex 32mm x 125mm Heat Treated Decking actual finished size (28mm x 119mm) A chemical-free heat treatment is applied to the decking to improve its performance, which makes it naturally weather resistant in addition to being environmentally friendly A Timber which has been through a. Thermowood is an. Wooden Treated Pair of THERMOWOOD Driveway Garden Gates. The cells of wood are modified and that caused changes in the wood characteristics. Resin is removed from the Timber and the process also decreases water absorption Woodsafe Exterior WFX flame retardant treated thermowood in a unique design of facade. This building is integrated in a block of other materials, which makes the whole solution a harmonious courtyard. More products by Woodsafe Timber Protection AB. Thermowood cladding The heat treatment was applied according to the method described in the Finnish ThermoWood Handbook (FTWA 2003). At first, the temperature of the kiln was raised near to 100°C. When the temperature inside the wood had risen to near the same temperature, the kiln temperature was carefully increased up to the actual treatment temperature

The study aimed at treating metil (Sterculia appendiculata K. Schum) and neem (Azadirachta indica A. Juss) timber from Mozambique under industrial conditions by steam [Thermowood® (TW)] and vacuum [Termovuoto (TV)] thermal modifications (TM). Matched boards were treated identically and wood alterations in chemistry, colour, mass loss (ML. Our thermowood floorboards are characterized by superb durability, ease of installation and a rich, warm, attractive tone. Choose between medium-modified wood with a brighter appearance and more intensively modified boards for a deeper shade and added strength and stability. View more. Sauna Materials A Timber which has been through a. Thermowood is an. ARCHED SINGLE GATE. 220MM Wide X 44mm Top Rail. The cells of wood are modified and that caused changes in the wood characteristics. Resin is removed from the Timber and the process also decreases water absorption

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Working with ThermoWood® is easy. It machines and finishes well. In general the timber can be nailed and screwed as with the untreated version, keeping in mind that it is a little more brittle. For nailing it is recommended to use a small pneumatic nail gun with adjustable drive depth. Self-tapping screws can be used without pre-drilling Thermowood decking boards can also be operated without any surface treatment. In this way, the rain, wind and the ultraviolet rays of the sun will give the decking an elegant shade of gray. An investment in thermowood is a long-term, high-quality, aesthetic investment in the well-being of your home and the surrounding environment How does Lunawood compares to other thermowoods or thermo treated Pine products? - Lunawood is the only brand in Southern Africa that is a member company of International thermowood association. Membership is a guarantee for our clients that Lunawood goes through the international quality standards that are set fro thermowood quality Tantimber Wood. Refined. Redefined. We add a long-lasting, high-performance aesthetic dimension to terraces, gardens, bathrooms, walkways and landscape architecture with the decking solutions we produce from raw materials of the ash, pine, and iroko species. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device Fungi can grow on the treated surface. However this is on the surface only and can be removed by wiping or scraping it off. Like most woods, Thermowood can't withstand UV radiation. If Thermowood is not sealed, the UV will change the color of the wood. A surface treatment is recommended to keep the original color

The thermo-treatment process accelerates the aging of wood to make it similar to 350-year old lumber. The process eliminates all moisture, resins, sugars, organisms, and bacteria in the wood. In opposite to reclaimed lumber, which was staying outdoors for decades, our product is free of any insects and bacteria Thermowood, also known as heat treated timber, is a beautiful, sustainable timber material produced using chemical-free heat treatment. Thermowood is created by heat-treating Scandinavian softwood to temperatures ranging from 180 - 230° in special chamber kilns for up to 96 hours Apiguard - 3kg Tub Varroa Treatment. Each tub comes with a measuring scoop and and cards for dispensing treatment on. The correct treatment is 50g for ten to fourteen days followed by another 50g per colony.These two will cover one full drone brood cycle and deal to up to 97% of the varroa. To cover two full worker brood cycles a third 50g tray. Thermowood is an environmentally friendly and fully recyclable product. It remains dimensionally stable and the moisture content is also permanently reduced. The moisture content decreases to around 4-6 percent and does not react to changes in humidity drastically as untreated Timber Pressure Treated Cladding. We stock a narrow interlocking pressure treated slat which gives a beautiful modern style with 5mm shadow line gaps, but the complete privacy of a solid panel. Available in various lengths. Pressure Treated. Durable and Affordable

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Thermisch gemodificeerd hout is hout dat is gemodificeerd door een gecontroleerd pyrolyseproces waarbij het hout wordt verhit (>180 °C) in een zuurstofarme omgeving om de duurzaamheidsklasse van het hout te vergroten. Dit modificatie proces leidt tot chemische veranderingen in de chemische structuur van de lignine, cellulose en hemicellulose in de celwand Thermowood® products do not contain any chemicals and are therefore exceptionally safe to be used both indoor and outdoor. Naturally resistant and durable Thermo treatment improves weather and decay resistance of wood. Thermowood® is suitable to be used under varying climates and conditions

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Determination of Glossiness and Color Values on Ash, Beech, Red-bud maple, and Red pine Wood Species Heat-treated (ThermoWood Method) This study examined the color and glossiness of ash, beech, red-bud maple, and red pine wood species after being heat-treated at 212°C for 1 hour and 2 hours (ThermoWood method, Novawood Factory, GeredeBolu City. Myrtle wood value. Check Out our Selection & Order Now. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders Great Prices On Myrtle.Find It On eBay. But Did You Check eBay? Find Myrtle On eBay NWT-C6348. 5A Striped Myrtlewood Lumber with Live Edge 211/2 X 62 X 4/4 (NWT-6348C) Learn More

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